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Pretty much nobody is having an easy time right now, except for Jeff Bezos and toilet paper manufacturers (probably). We're all figuring out ways to adapt, but some businesses and other institutions have been more ingenious and others, and have figured out pretty clever and/or funny ways to survive in all this.

Ways like:

CRAGKED.COM The British military is trying to protect soldiers from COVID with insect repellent. The Ministry of Defence is planning to buy lots of ci
Source: The Guardian

CRACKEDCO You can't come into the Four Seasons New York if you have a fever. Two nurses with thermometers stand at the entrance and check the temperat
Source: NBC News

CRACKEDO COM URALAIRLINES A Russian airline is delivering in-flight meals to people in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. They even bring you t
Source: Skift

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