Baller Move: Five Year Old Pulled Over En Route To Buy Lambo

Does it really count as grand theft auto if a five year old just snatched the keys from his mom's desk?
Baller Move: Five Year Old Pulled Over En Route To Buy Lambo

Every kid had their dream car growing up. For some, it was a Batmobile. For others, it was the muscle car their uncle was fixing up in his garage.

And for this absolute baller of a five-year-old kid, it's a Lamborghini. He was so ready to buy one that he ran away from home, stole his mom's SUV, and drove off for California -- famously the home of all Lamborghinis.

Troopers had been called because of the erratic driving, and because this is Utah, even the most minimal change in a car's driving patterns probably means someone's been hitting the devil's lettuce. The cops pull it over, and pay close attention to the brake lights here, see how they kinda flash a couple of times as if the car can't fully stop? Yeah, that's because the car's being driven by a kindergartener who can barely reach the brake pedals. A few seconds after the officer reaches the driver door, you see the SUV kinda skrrrt forward a bit. This is because the officer was busy helping a child put the car in "Park."

The video skips forward a few minutes, and we finally get some snippets of conversation between the officer and the kid, who confirms that he's five years old and that it's his mom's car. Defying all logic, this kid knows how to drive a car, but does not know his parents' phone number. Classic get-out-of-trouble free card right there. Hell, he probably fears jail less than he does his mom at this point.

Dominic Toretto Jr. escaped his house and babysitting older sister (who is presumably grounded until the end of time) to drive from Utah to California and buy his Lambo. Seeing as the kid only had $3 in his pocket, leaving us to wonder what he thought the trade-in value was on his mom's car.

If any of the hucksters in the touristy part of Hollywood offering Lamborghini rides at a rate of $99 for 15 minutes want to hook this kid up, well, it's only 11 more years until he can enjoy it.

Isaac is on Twitter and Instagram @NotFunnyIsaac and drives a sensible hatchback.

Top Image: Bernard Spragg/Flickr

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