Sickening Ways Crooks Are Trying To Get Rich Right Now

Sickening Ways Crooks Are Trying To Get Rich Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Look for the helpers, Mr. Rogers famously said. This isn't about helpers. This is about people who react to a once-in-a-lifetime crisis with dollar signs in their eyes, and the schemes they come up with.

For example ...

Scammers are stealing stimulus checKS on a massive scale. Lots of personal information from past data breaches is floating online, and criminals are u

Face mask sellers are taking over Twitter accounts. A ton of accounts got hacked and started to spam ads for Masks 2 U, a website that sells face ma

Two lawyers in Montreal are trying to trademark COVID-19. They also put in a request to trademark COVID-19 prevention and care, just for good meas

Wellness influencers are hawking things like diet pills and vitamin gummies as COVID treatments. Sure, good nutrition helps your body fight infections

over 700 fake Netflix homepages went up between April 6 and 12. They range from amateurish to super-convincing (most are at the lower end of the scale

In the UK, There's a driveway disinfection scam. It works like this: A gang shows up unannounced to disinfect your driveway, then they charge you a

Fashion Nova was desperate for people's stimulus check money. They sent a mass text saying When That Stimulus Deposit Hits... Save Up To 80% OFF SITE

A big healthcare workers' union almost bought 39 million imaginary N-95 masks. Soon after the Service Employees International Union's United Healthcar

In India, someone tried to sell the world's tallest statue. An online scammer was selling the 597-foot-high Statue of Unity for $4 billion, saying the

Amazon listings are getting hijacked and replaced with face masks. It's called review hijacking, and it consists of swapping a new photo and descripti

Somebody is trying to rip off people with fake contact tracing. They're sending messages warning people they've been in contact with someone infected

You can hire a coronavirus healer'' on the freelance marketplacel Fiverr. One healer's headline reads I will give you prophetic blessing and healer

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