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6 Video Games Invented Inside Other Video Games

The best examples combine vengeance and interspecies eroticism, but apparently I'm not allowed to write about that


5 Horrifying Details You Never Noticed in Famous Video Games

When we look back at our harmless games, all the rose-colored glasses in the world couldn't hide the blood.


The 7 Most Needlessly Terrifying Video Game Covers

Don't you wish game companies would let the designers have a bit of artistic freedom? Yeah? Be careful what you wish for.


4 Video Games That Are Actually Worthy of a Movie Adaptation

What follows are the four most enticing ideas for video game movies I was able to scour from the depths of the comment section, ranked in no particular order save for the way they tickle my whiskey-addled imagination.


4 iPhone Games That Clearly Hate the Player (Tested)

I spent a day trapped inside the top-grossing games like a smartphone Houdini, and as a service to Cracked readers, I worked out some better replacements.


The 5 Most Sadistic 'Game Over' Scenes in Video Game History

When a simple handwritten middle finger to the player would have sufficed, these jerks built a laser, carved the letters into the moon, then bombed NASA so nobody could ever erase it.


The 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Video Game Commercials

For decades, out-of-touch marketers who have never held a controller in their lives have tried to come up with ad campaigns that make their game seem hip or edgy with often awkward results.


5 Video Game Versions of Movies That Add Insane Plot Twists

Sometimes video game developers leave their draft of the script in the wash, and can only loosely guess at the ending based on the shapes of the inkblots.€™


12 Video Game Annoyances That Need to Die (Part 1)

I want games that can whisk me away to other worlds and inspire me with the kind of fantastic stories and characters that kept me from leaving my room for most of my childhood. But I'm losing faith.


6 Awesome Hacks That Did Mind-Blowing Things With Old Games

Taking old games and rebuilding them from the ground up in amazing new ways is a thing now and it is awesome.


6 WTF Video Game Ads That Traumatized Their Audiences

If the purpose of a video game commercial is to deeply terrify your young fan base so profoundly that they wouldn't dare forget your product, the creators of the following doses of nightmare elixir succeeded brilliantly.


5 Baffling Video Games Based on the Bible

The brave, misguided, and/or flat-out crazy creators of the following games made Jesus our eternal co-op partner, and the results are confusing enough to baffle even the wisest theologians.