Paladin, Ranger, Rogue: What Your Dungeons and Dragons Class Says About You

Paladins secretly love to party HARD.
Paladin, Ranger, Rogue: What Your Dungeons and Dragons Class Says About You

From the highest peak to the lowest depth of the Underdark, the world is teeming with adventurous types. But just because you’re a fighter doesn’t mean you’re brave. Just because you’re a cleric doesn’t mean you believe… in anything. No, the classes we play in Dungeons and Dragons reveal truths we may not expect. So grab your shield and hold onto your hirelings, today we’re breaking down the personality pros and cons of Paladins, Rangers, and Rogues. If you’ve missed past installations of this series, check them out here, here, and here.




Wow this Paladin clearly loves to party hard.

The Good. You view yourself as a force for good in the world. It’s part of why you love playing as a paladin: being the baddie is just too hard for you mentally. The only thing you love more than being good, is having a good time. You’re a partier baby, and that’s beautiful. The Bad. You can let what’s right in front of you cloud what’s happening all around you. Your tendency to get so wrapped up in the moment leads you to do things you regret later. 




The hood is essential for your mystique.

The Good. Well, you’re probably a good talker. Ranger players like to believe they’re all brooding and misunderstood and on the fringes of society. But really, you’re pretty affable. You enjoy learning about others and have an open mind when it comes to exploring the world around you. The Bad. Your room is a mess. You cannot seem to pick up after yourself. Laundry is everywhere and on the off chance that it does get thrown into a wash and dry cycle, you can be almost certain it won’t get put away. Why you’re messy is a reason only you know. But Windex your mirror every once in a while ok?




I'm going to tell you right now that strapless body armor is not useful in combat.

The Good. You can talk to anyone. There’s rarely an awkward pause you can’t fill or a social situation you can’t feel at home in. You’re a clever, independent thinker and you don’t follow rules that don’t make sense to you. Your character slinks in the shadows but you love the spotlight. The Bad. You may be a tiny bit power hungry. What someone has to offer you and who they’re connected to sometimes overshadows your feelings about them. Beware of being a false friend.


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