Dungeons And Dragons Classes Reveal Your True Self

Blood Hunters, Clerics, and Druids we're going to be brutally honest with you.
Dungeons And Dragons Classes Reveal Your True Self

Strap on your pauldrons and role for initiative, it's going to be brutal. We’re dungeon diving into what your favorite Dungeons and Dragons class really says about who you are. You thought this was a game? Think again, it’s a litmus test for your personality. We’ve already covered Artificers, Barbarians, and Bards so let’s keep working our way through this treacherous cavern of self-discovery. If you play a Blood Hunter, Cleric, or Druid, here’s what your D&D class says about your personality.


You love an audience maybe even more than bards. And that IS SAYING SOMETHING.

Blood Hunter: The good. You think outside the box. This class is outside of the official D&D world, included only if your Dungeon Master allows the use of the Critical Role additional materials. You’re someone who wants to be helpful, being of service is a pleasure to you and people applaud you for what you do for others. The bad. While you may bend backwards to be a helper, it’s not always for altruistic reasons. You’ve got more than a little selfish demon in you and if your good deeds go unseen, you can get pretty pissed about it. Why do something good if no one else can see it?


You've got strong opinions and you are not changing them for anyone.


Cleric: The good. You’re trustworthy. People know they can count on you to make tough choices when they need to be made. You’ve also got a strong sense of self that leads people to turn to you in tough times. You can take a joke at your expense because you are secure in who you are and how you see the world around you. The bad. While you may have the best intentions, you’re not always the best at sensing what others are feeling. Your image of the world is pretty set, causing you to miss the reality and sometimes the nuance, of a situation. 


Are you special? Or just snobby?

Druid: The good. You have a deep interest in certain subjects. Whether it’s falling down a Reddit rabbit hole or spending hours learning a new skill at work, you have a natural tendency to explore new topics and areas of interest. The bad. You see yourself as someone apart from the masses, but this might be because you’re worried about not being able to really fit in. This insecurity leads you to look down on people. Whether it's making fun of someone for their appearance or mocking people for their behavior, tearing others down makes you feel safe.

Not trying to be monstrous here, just being honest.


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