What Your D&D Class Says About You: Dungeon Master, Fighter, Monk

What Your D&D Class Says About You: Dungeon Master, Fighter, Monk

You walk into a well-lit tavern, an orange sun is setting on the village outside as the friendly Dwarven barkeep gestures you forward. “Looking for work?” she asks. That’s right adventurers, strap on your bag of holding and lace up those bodices, we’re going on the greatest journey of all… the journey of self-discovery. Today we’re breaking down the personality flaws and strengths of Dungeons and Dragons players who gravitate towards three of the most aggressive classes around: Dungeon Masters (yes we’re counting this as a class because DM’s should get to have fun too), Fighters, and Monks. If you’ve missed them, check out the examination of Blood Hunters, Clerics, and Druids and Artificers, Barbarians, and Bards

Dungeon Master


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You think you're soooo cute with your little “rules” and “encounters”.

The Good. You’re certainly not lazy. You believe that what you want is achievable if you work hard enough for it. You’re smart and your creativity makes others drawn to you, both in game and IRL. But you already knew that. The Bad. When things in your real life feel out of control, you sometimes retreat into a part of yourself and shut down. You’re also prone to big, emotional swings that make you feel dysregulated and can be difficult to navigate for those you’re close to. But you already knew that.




Delusions of grandeur? Maybe.

The Good. You don’t take yourself too seriously. But, you move through the world with a core of confidence that makes others instantly take a liking to you. While your D&D character may be an aggressive blow-hard, you would never actually get in a real life fight. If someone IRL tries to start something, you usually can toss out a couple jokes and suddenly they’re a friend. The Bad. You may not take yourself seriously enough. The confidence you carry may not leave enough space for you to examine and accept your vulnerabilities. You tend to brush off negative emotions and let other people get away with things they should be called out for.



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There's just something missing you can't quite put your finger on.

The Good. You are an idealist. You have a strong set of beliefs, moral and otherwise, that guide you through life. People know you as someone who will stand up for what they believe and knows who they truly are. You also like yourself most days, which rocks. Good for you monks. The Bad. You are dissatisfied. It just seems like there’s often something out of reach that you can’t quite put your finger on. Your sense of purpose seems to get tattered and blurred when faced with the complex realities of a working world. Ennui is your lifelong companion.


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