Blizzard Announces 'Warcraft Arclight Rumble', Its First 'Tower Offense' Game

Arclight Rumble Roster


One thing we gotta give Activision-Blizzard is that they don't give up. No failure digs a hole deep enough to prevent the company to come out with more stuff. It's as if the company has the full relentlessness of an internet sex pervert – oh wait. Anyway, Blizzard has just announced its most exciting title in a while: Overwatch 2 Warcraft: Arclight Rumble. No, that's not the name of a League Of Legends character skin, but rather a “tower offense" title that will release on iOS and Android. Yeah, Blizzard doesn't seem to have learned the lesson with the widely despised reveal of Diablo Immortal, but at least this seems like an entirely new thing instead of a lame mobile title that shows up in place of the AAA title fans actually wanted.

The game will feature a huge single-player campaign where players will use their own collectible Warcraft Minis to go on huge battles and collect more Minis. Hell yeah, we're gonna be able to play as fan favorites Sylvannas, Cassidy, and maybe even Lord Sauron. That's from Warcraft, right? Or is it from the board of Activision? Well, moving on. On top of the campaign, there will also be PVP action as well as many other gameplay modes such as Dungeons, Raids, and co-op.

As for gameplay specifics, Blizzard is turning the classic tower defense on its head and giving players the chance to use their towers to conquer enemy territory in a fast-paced and free-to-play strategic action package. Best of all, the low bar set by its mobile game status will help the remaining 2 Blizzard fans more easily cope with the disappointment if this turns out to be as bad as Overwatch 2. Yeah, despite being still in beta, the word of mouth coming from the ridiculously low number of players is that the only thing worse than Overwatch 2 right now would be, for example, a completely hypothetical scenario where Activision Blizzard asks shareholders to vote against reporting on the harassment and discrimination taking place inside the company.


Top Image: Activision Blizzard

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