Bungie, Creators Of 'Halo' And 'Destiny', Vocally Support Roe V. Wade



Video game companies quickly rose in support of relevant humanitarian issues such as Ukrainian relief and the opposition to police violence that disproportionately targets minorities. That's awesome, and they should keep at it, but it's pretty sad that not all important issues get the same kind of attention. The leaked draft that shows the US Supreme Court's intention to overthrow Roe V. Wade, the past decision that allows for safe abortions that bypass state authority has been met with radio silence from all but one video game company. So far, over 24 hours after the leak, only Bungie, the creators of the Halo series and current developers of the Destiny series, have stepped up to, well, seemingly try to save the country.

On a tweet that links to a lengthier post, the company shows full support for the continuation of essential healthcare rights:

Sadly but not surprisingly, a bunch of people who we suspect don't really have a raccoon in that fight have met the statement with a lot of opinions.

Bungie Twitter

While Bungie no longer has anything to do with the Halo series, we challenge our readers to picture that “Never.” being typed by anyone other than the Master Chief himself.

While Bungie very eloquently explained their point of view to some members of the Covenant of anti-abortionists,

they also addressed others with the appropriate sass.

In either case, Bungie's idea is simple and should be easy to understand. Bungie, like all gaming and non-gaming companies, doesn't exist in a vacuum, and taking a stand is essential even if they're just interested in making games. Everything is politics, and the notion that game companies should avoid engaging clears the way for vile agents to gain more political power. Bungie is not without its internal problems, but when we look at it, we see a company that got away from the clutches of Activision and has since only flourished by making decisions diametrically opposed to those of its previous master. Good job, Guardians.

Top Image: Bungie


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