Sony Just Acquired Bungie, Microsoft's Bitterest Ex

Sony counter-attacked Microsoft by taking one of the company's oldest collaborators.
Sony Just Acquired Bungie, Microsoft's Bitterest Ex

Yesterday Sony announced they had paid $3.6 billion for the acquisition of Bungie, the company behind awesome things such as Myth, Oni, Marathon, Destiny, Halo, and the betrayal of Steve Jobs. This warrants the attention of every gamer as it marks the beginning of Sony's much-anticipated response to Microsoft's $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, sure, but also because of how wonderfully spiteful it feels. To fully understand the beauty of it all, we must open our video game history tablets to take a look into the past 20 years of Bungie.

Upon showing immense promise when presenting the original Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2000, Bungie quickly fell into the hands of Microsoft for the now ludicrous sum of $40 million

Xbox Game Studios

Though back then Microsoft probably looked like the ones getting ripped off.

Bungie, however, had the foresight of including an emergency exit in the contract that allowed for the company to break free from the talons of Microsoft in case of dissatisfaction. They ended up making use of it back in 2007 after the release of three stellar Halo titles and one that was just very good (we'll never reveal which). Bungie was so unhappy with Microsoft, in fact, that they even left Master Chief and all of Halo behind. 

Xbox Game Studios

It looked like this, probably. We always skip the cutscenes.

You'd think that they would have learned their lesson, but Bungie then announced a partnership with none other than Activision-Blizzard, the company Microsoft has just acquired. That partnership also fell through, maybe because the people at Bungie just wanted some space, or maybe because Activision has secretly been a cesspool the entire time.

Another thing that makes Sony's acquisition of Bungie look like an absolutely spite-driven move is how Bungie's only game right now is Destiny 2, and they've already announced it won't become a Playstation exclusive. It's bonkers stuff unless Destiny 2 is remaining available for all in exchange for Microsoft not making the Call Of Duty series an Xbox Series Xclusive.

All in all, while we don't believe that having all the big companies buying the small ones will do much good for the gaming landscape, we gotta give it to Sony for attempting to tame such a fierce horse. Especially when more Sony-aligned companies like Square Enix and Capcom were right there for the taking.

Also, I'll be expecting a Sony paycheck for clearly inspiring the deal:

Top Image: Bungie, Xbox Game Studios


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