Square Enix Got Rid Of 'Deus Ex', 'Tomb Raider', And 'Legacy Of Kain' For A Bargain

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Square Enix

Pop Quiz: what do video game series like Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Legacy Of Kain, and Thief all have in common? Well, they all have legions of devout fans desperate for new games, sure, but a more timely answer would be that they're no longer cool enough to belong in Square Enix's catalog. The Japanese giant just got rid of both Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, the homes of these series and more, for $300 million. That number might seem huge, and it is, at least if we forget that the new owner, Embracer Group, paid the same plus one goddamn billion dollars for Gearbox, the company that made Borderlands, and this:

Battleborn poster


Who doesn't remember and love Battleborn? 2016's hottest dancing and fishing simulator? Actually, maybe it wasn't about either of those things. We'll wait for one of the 6 people who ever played it to enlighten us.

The sale sucks because it's happening just a month after they announced the development of a new title in a tentative new Tomb Raider seriesa much-desired title whose future now hangs in the balance, but also because they're doing it to pivot to just the dumbest thing imaginable. Pop Qui– ok, let's cut the crap: It's cryptocurrency shenanigans. Yeah, they seemingly didn't read any of the dozens of articles out there that perfectly detail how much gamers and game-makers alike hate crypto and are therefore trying to expand their blockchain portfolio or whatever. 

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Square Enix

Pictured: Square Enix looking at western devs

There's, however, a silver lining in this, and that's obviously how Embracer will now get to have a go at continuing rebooting the Deus Ex series and hopefully resurrect Legacy Of Kain. I mean, sure, it sounds like a long shot but it's not as if they don't have an actually impressive-looking prototype that the previous owners killed for no reason.

We're cool with either of those. Hell, we're cool with anything that's not a reimagining of Thief where we get to steal NFTs.

Top Image: Embracer Group

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