No One Wants NFTs In Video Games

Please keep money schemes out of video games
No One Wants NFTs In Video Games

Just a few days ago, PUBG: Battlegrounds owner Krafton spent nearly $10 million to acquire shares of Seoul Action Blue and XBYBLUE, companies that exist solely to produce and sell “limited digital art”, or, as you should call it, “art but somehow bad.” That's the kind of news that always comes paired with more bs, and today I learned that PUBG: Battlegrounds is now meant to become, you guessed it, a brand new NFT marketplace – the dumbest of the bunch so far.

But wait, how can something be dumber than the existing NFTs already are?  Hell, some of the current ones are so awful they are threatening the very jobs of video game voice actors! Well, these new PUBG-themed NFTs are meant to be used on a metaverse that doesn't even exist yet. Yes, Krafton's metaverse is just a word right now. They didn't announce any plans or even announce the announcement of plans. It's really sad that it has come to this, but you know what's worse than a scam that promises you riches and ends up just taking away the little you already have? A scam that doesn't even provide you with a tiny glimpse of dumb hope from the get-go. Here's hoping the NFT market implodes exactly one day before PUBG's metaverse goes live -- if it ever does.

PUBG Corporation

“What about the promise of total environmental collapse? Oh yeah, gotcha good!” - Cryptobros, probably.

The only entities outside of ghoulish gaming companies excited about this hot new Ponzi craze are people who don't understand how NFTs work. Take Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, for example, a man who thinks NFTs aren't just fake tokens that say you definitely own a dumb image online, but rather items you can magically take from one game to another.

Even worse is the case of deranged entrepreneurial-minded Internet personality brycent, who feels like he's been ripped off for playing video games without getting paid for it. Just when you think you've seen it all, here's a man who feels scammed for playing a game and only getting the miraculous joy of gaming as a reward.

Making games more like a job, the very thing they're meant to keep our minds away from. What a concept.

Top Image: PUBG Corporation

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