Voice NFTs Are Now A Thing, And It Sucks

Voice NFTs aim at stupidly wreaking even more havoc than regular NFTs already do.
Voice NFTs Are Now A Thing, And It Sucks

Troy Baker, one of the most prolific video game voice actors in the world, shook the community by announcing a partnership with a company called Voiceverse NFT.

Though the word "verse" has been enjoying a boom due to a multitude of Spider-Man-related reasons, it's just not enough to balance out the "NFT" part of the equation. As you might know by now, NFTs -- and blockchain shenanigans in general -- pose a grave threat to our planet and all organisms living in it, and, even more importantly, to the economy:

And the fun part is how this company aims at wreaking even more havoc than regular NFTs already do. Instead of selling you receipts for pictures of bored apes, Voiceverse NFT wants to sell the voice data of specific voice actors. The new owners will then be able to extract infinite hours of voice performance that they'll be able to use in their games without paying the original talent a single cent in residuals.

Making a living in the voice-actor scene is already pretty hard as is. Voice actors don't need the extra hassle of having the most successful of the bunch stabbing the entire community in the back, regardless of how fun it's going to be seeing the traitor coming to the realization that he too is getting screwed in the end.

Oh, and before anyone even begins to consider that Voiceverse NFT maybe isn't that bad because the company doesn't really force anyone to sell their voice to have it forever enslaved and echoed by lazy apes, well, that's cute, but these idiots had already been caught stealing from others even before Baker's announcement.

Imagine what they'd be willing to do to a kind of actor so shy they don't even dare to show themselves on screen.

The ensuing humiliation caused Voiceverse NFT to publicly apologize. One may call this the right thing to do, but we'll just go ahead and call it pathetic. What the hell happened to the good old days when crypto scams just vanished into thin air when caught.

Top Image: Sony, Warner Bros.

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