'Final Fantasy' Cosplay Dominated The MET Gala Once Again

Looking as good as a character from 'Final Fantasy' is every rich person's final fantasy.
'Final Fantasy' Cosplay Dominated The MET Gala Once Again

It's time to talk about the MET gala, our favorite event that we learned everything about through a google search 5 minutes ago. The MET Gala is a yearly fashion event where rich people ignore the year's theme to dress in whatever weird way they choose. This is ok because the participants are rich and therefore immune to rules, and also hot and therefore non-reliant on fashion to look good. As the true gamers™ that we are, we possess genes that prevent us from caring for fashion that's not inspired by either anime or the Final Fantasy series. Luckily, the MET gala started getting very appealing to the gamer-kin way back in 2015.

And the 2018 edition shows it has only gotten better with time.

Many of those pieces, or at least the wildest ones, seem inspired by Sorceress Edea, a character from Final Fantasy VIII designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura

Her entire life is a gala we're not invited to.

Grimes' dress above is probably the result of a crossover between Final Fantasy and having a bad boyfriend.

There are also many other glorious outfits that seem inspired by the more Western Medieval-inspired Final Fantasy games.

Above is Lil Nas X with a realistic anime armor, and below is Zendaya bravely wearing way more armor than any woman ever did in any RPG.

This year, we saw the wildest of all seemingly Edea-themed dresses (armors, exo-suits?) in the body of Fredrik Robertsson.

While that's probably not the most practical outfit for anything other than throwing fireballs at a group of teenagers attempting to save the world, it's still by far the most memorable thing seen at the MET Gala 2022. He looks so utterly bizarre that the crowd even accused him of the crime of being Jared Leto.

This isn't even the largest event Final Fantasy has taken over with great success, so we have a plea for the Prada-wearing devil who organizes this: stop being a coward and give us a full-on Final Fantasy-themed year. That's all.

Top Image: Square Enix


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