Actvision Blizzard Bumbles and Overwatch 2: The Best Gaming News of the Week - May 1

New Warhammer 40k is a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Actvision Blizzard Bumbles and Overwatch 2: The Best Gaming News of the Week - May 1

Elden Ring still dominates the charts and our hearts, early reports on Starfield are making fans nervous, and the new Dune: Spice Wars game is absolutely a blast to play. For your perusing pleasure we’ve rounded up some of the most explosive news in gaming from the past week and give you a sneak peak at some of the most exciting looking games coming out next week. Happy gaming!

Activision Blizzard Ready To Be Acquired By Microsoft! Shares Plummet!

Activision Blizzard is up to scoundrelly ears in hot water. While top executives like the oversized garden gnome CEO Bobby Kotick will have big buyouts to feed their fat cat bellies (wallets) if the deal goes through, employees who have been calling for Kotick’s resignation for years could be left wanting after the acquisition. Stocks in the company took a dive after the merger was approved this week. 

Overwatch 2 Beta! If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing!

Big Activision Blizzard news week! Overwatch 2, the long awaited sequel to the still popular Overwatch battle royale game, premiered this week in the semi-nascent stage developers call “Beta”. So far fans are seeming to have a good time, but only time will tell if it’s game enough to stand on its own or if it will fizzle out as more of the same. 

Game Watch! New Games To Look Out For This Week!

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters - May 5 

Chaos Gate Demonhunters Warhammer

Frontier Foundry

It's glorious!

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks! The popular (and expensive) tabletop game gets another (less expensive) video game! It’s a turn-based tactical role-playing game. And if those words mean nothing to you, forget them. All you really need to know is this: Warhammer 40k has space orcs and it’s on PC.

Best Month Ever - May 5

Feliz Cinco AGAIN! This game has a very different vibe. Best Month Ever looks like a charming road trip game, with a tragic and compelling story at its heart. The choices you make decide the future of your son, so no pressure. It’s stylish and unique and you can play the demo right now for free! 

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