We Can Now Celebrate 'Morrowind''s 20th Anniversary In VR Multiplayer

The greatest 'Elder Scrolls' game of all time has aged like fine Skooma.
We Can Now Celebrate 'Morrowind''s 20th Anniversary In VR Multiplayer

Happy 20th birthday to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, grandfather to Skyrim, father to Oblivion, and therefore well-meaning uncle to dumbass cosmetic microtransactions. We're not about to mince words here: vanilla Morrowind still rocks. While it might not have the flashier appeal of more modern RPGs, it more than makes up for it through a more involved style of gameplay that required thinking and encouraged exploration. That being said, Morrowind does gain a lot from mods, and it luckily has a marvelous fan modding community that never stopped bringing cool updates to the table. To celebrate it being just a year away from being old enough to drink, we're happy to announce that Morrowind can now be played both in VR and multiplayer. That's a really sexy combination.

Kissing the first NPC we encounter (hardcore pacifist route)

Bethesda, GingasVR

Now we can totally immerse ourselves in the other characters.

To avoid drawing the ire of fans, it's important to note that neither of these things is exactly new. Morrowind VR already existed, and Morrowind fans had already found a mysterious way to conjure this spell called friendship that worked really well with the game's multiplayer fan mod. What's really new here is the option to use both things at the same time, something that manages to unearth this old corpse and once again turn it into one of the most compelling video game experiences available.

Another really cool addition that Morrowind VR brings is realistic collisions. One of the few problems of the original Morrowind was that its hit detection was determined by whether or not our weapon models actually came in contact with enemy models but by dumb stats-related variables. It wasn't too rare to see a man walking away unscathed, even after a sword had swung through his neck. That's gone on Morrowind VR!

inexplicably failing to hit the slowest enemy

Bethesda, GingasVR

Or maybe not. Here's waiting for the 25th anniversary, then!

Anyone interested in experiencing Morrowind in VR and with pals only needs to open this hopefully not cursed scroll right here.

Top Image: Bethesda

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