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What A 30-Year-Old DOS Game Taught Me About My Awful Memory

I needed to get away from outlets that give me answers without expecting me to internalize them. I had two options for doing so: putting on pants and living in the Ozarks for a month, or playing Carmen Sandiego.


6 Incredible Spoilers Hidden In Famous Video Games

Note: This article is, like, wall-to-wall spoilers. Just a big, sweaty orgy of spoilers in here.


5 Dark Things You Learn About Yourself Playing Fallout 4

Instead of dropkicking Super Mutants into frag mines, I'm spending my apocalypse scrounging materials to build the perfect armchair for my dining set.


4 Awful Realities Of Binge-Playing All The Fallout Games

I felt like I was stuck in time. Everything and everyone around me kept going on.


5 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Mess With Players That Lose

If you screw up stealth missions in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, enjoy looking like the mascot for a bad family chicken restaurant, champ.


The 5 Most WTF Final Video Game Bosses

It turns out that developers will sometimes throw in a battle that feels like the boss wandered in from a totally unrelated story, like a stripper that shows up at your grandma's funeral.


5 Video Game Ratings That Would Be More Accurate

Who cares about violence and sex? We need ratings that'll help us determine if we'll regret making a purchase.


7 Video Game Glitches That Accidentally Create Comedy Gold

Every now and then a glitch makes the game so much better than anybody ever could have known.


6 Collector's Editions That Massively Screwed Over Gamers

When people waste money on collector's editions, we don't get to ask why gamers are treated like idiots anymore.


7 Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs You'll Wish We Never Found

The scariest video game moments ever aren't in horror games.


4 Entertaining Ways To Torture The AI In Metal Gear Solid

This game involves more wonderfully ridiculous bullshit than you can shake a stick at. And I'm really good at shaking sticks.


We're All On Speed: 6 Insane Reasons Pro Gamers Retire At 26

There's a lot more to pro gaming than rolling out of bed at the crack of noon to do battle with racist teenagers using the power of the Internet.


5 Video Game DLC So Bad, They Should Be Considered Scams

Downloadable content is to games as cannibals are to surgery: Both are meant to make things better, but both can totally eat me.


6 Common Things You Do In Video Games (That Are War Crimes)

Many 'serious' elements in our war games are illegal enough in real life to earn you a court martial.


The 5 Most Awesome Video Games (They'll Never Let You Play)

Let's take a moment to gaze upon some killer ideas in this graveyard of canceled games, and wonder what might have been.