5 Bonkers Ways Players Are Breaking games

Don't like a game? Turn it upside down.
5 Bonkers Ways Players Are Breaking games

All video Games are beautiful just the way they are – yes, society has evolved to a point in which we can enjoy even the beauty (or the laughs we get out) of an unbelievably broken product. That, however, doesn't mean all games are the exact kind of beautiful we want them to be, so players have also evolved to a point in which they can bend and/or break games into becoming exactly what they want them to be.

Turning Genshin Impact into Jurassic Park

Inside just one package of Genshin Impact, we get an awesome game that survived Nintendo's wrath despite looking a lot like Breath Of The Wild, a great source of waifu material, and a self-immolation simulator. That's a versatile game if we've ever seen one, but even Impact's greatest connoisseurs were surprised when they found out that the game could also double as a pretty neat Jurassic Park simulator.

T Rex sculpture


It's more realistic than the film because they're dead, which also spares us of the question of “whether they should've done this”

These are all the creations of one player, Bilibili, which we assume is Chinese for Hammond. On top of looking cool, these are also houses. Yeah, these all resulted from Genshin Impact's house creation tool. This is a tool so surprisingly advanced that it only needs a small push from an overlapping glitch found by Bilibili in order to allow players to create whatever house they want.

Godzilla vs Kong sculpture


Here's Godzilla vs King Kong, with a very clear bias against poor Kong.

Inventing circles.. In Minecraft

If there's one thing people know about Minecraft, it's that it was made by an angry hermit it's the game with all the squares. Everything in Minecraft is either straight-up a square or at least has an angular shape. Squares are great, but another thing that's equally great or perhaps even greater are things that aren't square-shaped. Unaware of whether it was legal or even if it would be possible to come up with a round shape in such a square world made by such a square man, a brave player/ Neo of the Minecraft world called Mysticat managed to do the impossible and came up with this:


Anyone who doesn't know what Minecraft is is probably running to the comments to complain that we're making fun of our readers because that's just a goddamn circle, but the people who do know what Minecraft is are probably too busy picking up their chin from the floor. Mysticat did it after a lot of trial and error by placing objects that don't stay in a fixed position (i.e: carts). This allows Mysticat to rotate and place squares around them in a way that will create a perfect circle. It sounds simple, but it's actually incredibly hard. Here's a video detailing how to do it in the vanilla game. Yes, there's zero hacking involved.

That discovery probably made Mysticat believe there was no limit to their power over the game, and the game didn't disagree, as Mysticat successfully followed up on the circular pool with a goddamn sphere.

Greasing  up a game disc.. so it plays better

Remember the belief that blowing on a cartridge would get a game to run better? Well, that totally was a myth, but it has a found a true and very unlikely spiritual successor (in the case of one specific game, that is). We know speedrunners will do anything in order to achieve better clear times on a game, like getting Kratos from God Of War to swim.. in the air. None of that is strange anymore, so they've moved to “hacking” even hardware now, and in a hilariously disgusting manner. Speedrunners of the deceptively hardcore SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom community have found out that getting SpongeBob DVDs covered in goo will cause Xbox consoles to mess up when reading the discs, which isn't bad but rather something that allows players to more easily glitch out the game to get better times.

This bonkers method has enraged members of the speedrunning community and video game preservation groups alike, and we totally get it. These people are wasting game discs as well as ketchup, but let's not forget that maybe this is what the devs would have wanted. Yeah, we mean it. Why else would they have filled up these games with the dirtiest secrets imaginable?

Using Fallout 76's glitches to create a horror film

Fallout 76 has gotten a lot of crap over the years for “not being good”, but that's just the result of people overreacting. Why are we calling something bad just because it's barely playable? Just because it has “game” in its name? Maybe the devs just wanted to use art to subvert players' expectations. That's at least what player aswiftkickinthejunk (no, really) thought and completely used to his advantage as he turned this nightmare of a game into a way to tell his story about a murderous bathtub.

A Better way to go than having Preston Garvey going full-on Terminator on us.

Glitches aren't necessarily bad, it's just that most of them aren't exactly what we're looking for. This man found the perfect glitch (for serial killers), one that allows him to put radiation emitters inside a hot tub. He then went on to make a very inviting camp in the middle of nowhere that people can just visit and treat themselves to a deadly bath.

Turning Animal Crossing into a nudist colony

One thing few people notice when playing Animal Crossing is that KK is a nudist. He's an anthropomorphic dog, so people (especially in current internet times) see him being naked as completely normal.


But he's a total outlier. Even though the inhabitants of Animal Crossing-land totally understand his lifestyle, they don't follow his barefootsteps – or at least they didn't until sometime in 2021. That's when players found a glitch that had random characters go au natural.


Hell yeah, a nudist café. Don't order hot dogs, though. They just serve sausages on a plate without a bun. It's really weird.


There are no genitals underneath, actually. We're only censoring it because tentacles are weird.

In all honesty, we could totally weave a conspiracy theory claiming that this is less of a glitch and more of a secret story unlockable that the devs were too shy to mention on the patch notes. We'll have our confirmation if the positive reaction leads to the accidental release of a full-nudist DLC.

Top Image: Microsoft

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