Back in 2018, A Game Singled Out A Toxic Player Personally For Revenge

Never bite the hand that codes.
Back in 2018, A Game Singled Out A Toxic Player Personally For Revenge

Chances are no one reading this will be surprised to learn gamers are using the very recent possibility of directly engaging with the actual devs of the games they claim to love to just harass the hell out of them. Up until sometime in 2018, devs either responded to this with the appropriate level of harshness or with way too much kindness (i.e: any dev that doesn't apply an immediate ban). The devs of Battalion 1944, however, found a very interesting middle ground by trolling a harasser in the most dickish way imaginable.

Despite being a relatively small game, Battalion 1944 enjoys both a healthy casual and competitive player base. For one of its official tournaments, the devs announced they'd be awarding the winners a bunch of cool custom skins. One of the winners seemingly didn't understand that custom stuff naturally takes some time to make, and so he decided to harass the developers to the point of threatening he'd shoot up their office. That's a pretty sh*tty thing to do, especially considering how that took place just a few days after a mass shooting. No, we're not joking about the absurd amount of mass shootings that take place in the US, we're talking about the Youtube headquarters mass shooting that luckily didn't kill anyone (besides the perpetrator), but still left a lot of people injured. The devs could've just banned the guy, but they ended up deciding to give him his skin, more or less as promised. 

Bulkhead Interactive

Oh, yeah, it has a dick engraved on it.

The guy somehow thought he wasn't in the wrong and took to Twitter to complain about the devs, uh, dicking around with him.

Which naturally resulted in him getting dunked on even further.

Top Image: Bulkhead Interactive

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