June's 3 Most Anticipated Video Games All Rule

June's 3 Most Anticipated Video Games All Rule

Time is money. And money is money. Resources are scare folks, so we’re cutting through the noise to tell you exactly what games you should be spending your fleeting hours of life and hard earned coin on. We’ve got a new mobile game from a legacy title, the next horror offering from the masters of fear, and what might turn out to be the hardest DLC of all time. Happy gaming folks.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course


Studio MDHR

So cute… so hard!

Adorable masochists rejoice! This is DLC, which stands for downloadable content, and cheekily also an acronym for Delicious Last Course. The most brutal and simultaneously charming game to come out in recent memory is getting an expansion that introduces a new character, Ms. Chalice. The world is a very different place than it was when Cuphead originally took it by storm in 2017. But one thing hasn’t changed: Cuphead, with its gorgeous hand drawn animation and devilishly satisfying combat, absolutely rules. Get your fill of the delish last course on June 30th.

The Quarry


2K Games

Totally non-creepy character portrayed by Grace Zabriskie. Yup, nothing scary here folks…

An all-star cast and play length that you can finish in a couple sittings, The Quarry is a new horror game from British developer Supermassive Games. The studio has a reputation for twisty horror, with a track record of fan favorite games like The Dark Pictures Anthology and Until Dawn. The Quarry is a summer camp thriller inspired by 80’s slasher classics. You’ll make choices as playable characters which decide who lives… and who dies. The horrors are yours to bring home June 10th.

Diablo: Immortal



Just take my money already.

The most anticipated game on this list, is also the one coming out first. Diablo: Immortal is a free-to-play mobile game from developer Blizzard, who is responsible for the past titles in the series as well as massive hits like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. When Diablo: Immortal was first announced, fans literally boo-ed at the idea of a new Diablo game riddled with microtransactions and only available on mobile. The developers delayed the game for years after that and it’s finally in shareable shape as a finished product (and available on PC.) Download it for free when it drops June 2nd.

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