Elden Ring's New Co-Op Mode Explained

Elden Ring's New Co-Op Mode Explained

You don’t need to worry about being maidenless… because now you’ve got buddies! Rise and grind with co-op for the front runner for a slew of Game of the Year awards, Elden Ring. An enterprising Elden Lord modder, LukeYui, has created a mod that will let players traverse the Lands Between together. 

What does the mod add?


Elden Ring already lets you summon other active players and meet up with a friend, but only in select areas and only for a select amount of time. This mod will allow you to buddy up anywhere on the map and stays active even when a party member dies. Then even if you get one-shotted by Godrick or a turtle pope or something, the mod’s spectator mode lets you watch your team fight on. Co-op players share items and progression, or if you’re looking for some PVP action you can just beat the sh*t out of each other. And, most exciting for us Torrent fans and horse girls, players can ride their goat-horses at the same time. 


Pretty horsey slash horned jumping goat.

A mod?! That sounds scary!


It’s not! Thousands and thousands of players use mods every day for Elden Ring and other games. Many of the biggest gaming communities have well known modders that contribute content to help keep the games alive and fresh, sometimes even improving upon the developers’ original game so much that the publisher officially releases them for download. LukeYui is a well known FromSoft (the company who developed Elden Ring) modder. His most downloaded mod is for Dark Souls III and has over 113 thousand downloads. 


LukeYui's page on NexusMods.

How can I get this magical mod?


If you’re a PC player then it’s fairly straightforward. Head over to NexusMods to find the Elden Ring co-op mod by LukeYui. Of course, know your computer and the risks that come with downloading any 3rd party software. If you’re hesitant, there will be plenty of community reviews. If you’re a console player… I got bad news for you jack. Mods are usually for big boy PC gamers only. 

The co-op mode is out. Now rise, Tarnished, and get to modding.


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