The Most Bizarre 'Elden Ring' Mods Out There

These mods create an ensemble that would make the MCU blush (and probably sue).
The Most Bizarre 'Elden Ring' Mods Out There

Elden Ring is still the biggest game in the world right now, but it's been nearly two months since its release, so let's help players move on… to different ways of playing Elden Ring! Dark Souls games usually have crazy healthy modding communities, and Elden Ring is no different. There are many mods that offer some quality of life improvements, but we don't think Elden Ring needs to get better, we think it needs to get weirder. Luckily, there's no shortage of mods that play like an absolute fever dream.

Case in point, players who've learned the incredibly dark secret behind the grafted scion may want to replace the game's cursed model with something different.

Obama was a pyramid scheme


Something more, uh, presidential.

Some players believe the bosses would be easier if they were to look a bit less intimidating, and they would love this.

Thomas the tank engine as a boss


choo choo, motherf*cker

There's also this mod that replaces the game's realistic wildlife with video game-accurate wildlife.

Homer Simpson going fast after Sonic


And while these mods all probably constitute high treason under multiverse law, they aren't even the weirdest of the bunch. Two weeks ago, one player was catapulted into the Elden Ring Hub Of Fame by helping players beat the hardest boss in the game while wearing just a jar on his head. This hero is called "let me solo her", and, even though he's still helping players, chances are he won't be able to help everyone. To help is cause, modder Garden Of Eyes has just come up with a mod that allows for players to summon an automated version of the hero.

The cream of the crop, however, is a mod that allows players to conjure an entire army of copies of the main character that will mow down every single boss.

mimic tear army


Yes, we can also use them on that asshole who mocks us for having no girlfriend.

We can't wait for the mod that finally allows players to summon an army of “let me solo her”s.

Top Image: FromSoftware


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