'Let Me Solo Her', The Mysterious Nudist Helping Players Beat 'Elden Ring'

The only naked katana-wearing man this website vouches for.
'Let Me Solo Her', The Mysterious Nudist Helping Players Beat 'Elden Ring'

The sheer difficulty of the games in the Dark Souls series provides one of the very few instances in life where sharing a room with a two-katana-wielding clothes-loathing man doesn't represent a worst-possible-case scenario. We can thank Mr. “let me solo her” for that, an Elden Ring player who has dedicated most of his tarnished life to stepping in to beat the hardest boss in the game for players in need. Even though the online gaming landscape proves just a venomous landscape of absolute toxicity most of the time, there's already a surprising amount of players who take it upon themselves to be awesome towards other players just because, but none who looks this accidentally iconic:

Let me solo her's appearance

From Software

Pictured: peak performance

While that looks like a joke character, that's actually the look of a man who's spent hundreds of hours perfecting the art of getting rid of Malenia, the boss responsible for most player tears shed by players in the game. Malenia's move set features the “waterfowl dance”, a flurry of attacks that's both by far the hardest-to-dodge move in the history of From Software games, and also likely to kill most players that it hits. To “let me solo her”, however, that's just practice. Now readers have probably been asking why he's naked ever since they've hornily clicked on the thumbnail, and we're happy to say that his explanation for his Fashion Souls choice isn't likely to reduce anyone's arousal: “why wear an armor when you don't plan on getting hit?”. And he means it.

easily dodging the most devastating attack in the history of gaming

From Software

Getting hit by one of those is probably more than enough to kill a naked man thrice, but he dodges them all so effortlessly that he gets the confidence to take a break from the fight just to wave at his gamersells in distress spectators.

looking away from the boss like a total champ

From Software

And this isn't the result of someone having been born with unattainable skills – or cheats, even. Klein Tsuboi, the man behind the instant legend explains that this is but the result of having spent hundreds of hours getting destroyed by Malenia, a pastime activity that led him to decide he'd get good at it and help others overcome it as well. Beating Malenia the way that he does is within everyone's reach. What might not be, however, is being immortalized in such a glorious way.

let me solo her fan comic


The creator of Berserk would be proud.

Top Image: FromSoftware, xam3lpt


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