The Sad, But Heartwarming Tribute Behind 'Elden Ring's Easter Eggs

'Elden Ring' owes a lot not just to George R.R. Martin, but to a cult manga as well.
The Sad, But Heartwarming Tribute Behind 'Elden Ring's Easter Eggs

Elden Ring is not just one of the greatest games of all time; it's also one of the most interesting due to the intentionally obtuse way it presents the story of its complex world. It's very clear, however, that a big part of the Dark Souls series, such as its medieval European setting and dark tone, has been inspired by Berserk, a cult manga from Japan. On the left is a picture from Guts, the main character from Berserk; on the right is the fallen knight Artorias from the original Dark Souls.

Hakusensha, Dark Horse Comics, From Software

When you copy the homework but want senpai to notice.

Sadly, Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk, passed away shortly before the release of Elden Ring, which might have resulted in From Soft's devs making their references to Miura's work even more heartwarmingly clear.

Elden Ring/Berserk

From Software, Hakusensha, Dark Horse Comics

Try to find the difference between King Gaiseric from Berserk …

King Gaiseric

Hakunsensha, Dark Horse Comics

… and Radahn, a fallen boss from Elden Ring (get used to that trend).

Radahn and his (poor) horse

From Software

The difference: Only one of them is abusing a tiny horse.

Another similarity is Griffith's looks from Berserk after leaving prison and those of the prisoner class from Elden Ring.

Griffith after being imprisoned

Hakunsensha, Dark Horse Comics

prisoner class

From Software

This probably means the devs want us to murder everyone who looks like this. Just a theory.

They really do have a big thing for the helmets from Berserk.

Valkirie from Elden Ring

From Software

Farnese from Berserk

Hakunsensha, Dark Horse Comics

The picture below is as close as we'll get to an awesome video game adaptation of Berserk because it features both Guts' sword …

The Erdtree and a big sword

From Software

Guts and his Dragon Slayer

Hakusensha, Dark Horse Comics, 

One of them, at least

… as well as Berserk's the world spiral tree.

World spiral tree

Hakunsensha, Dark Horse Comics

While it's incredibly tragic that Miura will never get to show us the ending he had envisioned for his story, I doubt he could have picked a better property to carry on his legacy. Oh, and though George R.R. Martin is still alive and seemingly in good health, I'm just gonna go ahead and say that the same probably applies to A Song Of Ice And Fire, a series which is also honored by this reference to the iron throne

Grafter Blade Greatsword

From Software, George R R Martin

The perfect balance between cool and impractical.

Top Image: From Software


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