An Infamous 'Dark Souls' Hacker Is Now Wreaking Havoc In 'Elden Ring'

Is it a cry for help, or a challenge?
An Infamous 'Dark Souls' Hacker Is Now Wreaking Havoc In 'Elden Ring'

Malcolm Reynolds probably isn't the kind of name that gets someone to cower in fear, but it probably means something very similar to “Sauron” when translated to Dark Soulsian. Reynolds is the most powerful evil wizard in the online Dark Souls world, one who channels immense might from the very dark arts known as computer hacking. Reynolds has found a way not just to murder basically anyone he comes across in Dark Souls but also to get his victims banned as if they're the ones cheating. What's worse is that just a mere two weeks into the release of Elden Ring, he's already found a way to cross over to the world of the Lands Between and has rendered the entire place into a very big red wedding where all players are Robb Stark…'s baby. Yeah, he's much more powerful than last time when he had to resort to weird parasites to murder his opponents. Now he's just laser-blasting everyone to oblivion, and the video evidence is beautiful very wrong, and ugly.

Death is guaranteed regardless of how close:

Reynolds' close quarters laser

Bandai Namco

Or how far:

Reynolds' magical sniper rifle

Bandai Namco

Some could say this is perhaps a bit overkill:

Reynolds' laser vs many oponents

Bandai Namco

But they'd be wrong. This is overkill:

Reynolds' proximity spell

Bandai Namco

He's gotten so powerful, in fact, that he's taunting the devs to stop his unrelenting massacre. Though he's probably having a lot of fun, Reynolds states that he's abusing the game because its anti-cheat system is ripe for abuse, abuse of the kind that can cause larger consequences than the loss of a few runes. Too bad that From Software's proficiency at making immersive role-playing experiences doesn't seem to extend to the realm of Internet security, and the company is probably too busy making sure the game doesn't destroy our computers to go on a manhunt for Elden Ring's equivalent of Thanos armed with the infinity gauntlet.

Top Image: Bandai Namco, xam3lpt


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