5 Ridiculous Video Game Hacks You'll Love To Hate

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If we were to ask gamers about their experiences with playing with hackers, most answers would be a tirade of expletives longer than a Tolstoy novel. Generally, hackers just appear out of a mythical garbage pit, kill players, and then start dropping more teabags than Lipton on their dead bodies and spirits.

But, what if we were to tell you that it's possible to find hackers who will at least put a smile on your face before incinerating your dreams? Hackers like ...

PUBG Hacks Turn Players Into A-Hole Superheroes

At its fairest, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game where luck plays a minor part in victory. At it's most trash, it's a game where even the best player will feel like every deity in the universe is punishing them for the misdeeds of their previous lives. ("Shouldn't have stolen that goat in 287 BC, bro.") The game features so many bonkers hacks that you could create your own scumbag super-team. Case in point, super-speed:

That's frustrating, but The Flash has nothing on Mr. Fantastic. There's a hack that allows for players to extend their arms to shoot your ass dead, while they hide behind the safety of boxes and a lack of empathy:

Doctor Doom was right about him all along.

If stretching's not your thing (we get it, we hate yoga too), then how about throwing entire goddamn boats at players like darts:

Okay, the boat-darting isn't really a super-power, but it damn well should be.

Hackers Bring The Pirate Game Atlas Into The Future

Picture this; you're sitting down to enjoy Atlas, an open-world pirate MMO where you can experience the thrill of living life on the high seas. Sailing, sword fights, looting, avasting your swabs, and, depending on how many hours you play, possibly rickets. Maybe you'll live-stream, who knows? Digital international waters, bay-bee.

Burkeblack, a famous streamer, and possible real-life pirate, was doing just that while streaming on Twitch when he came across a scene from a history book written by someone on peyote, as a World War II fighter plane crashed right beside him.

5 Ridiculous Video Game Hacks You'll Love To Hate
Grapeshot Games
"Arrrr...Luftwaffe squadron off the port bow, me hearties!"

Now, what -- other than getting us scared at the possibility of the nerdier members of Al Qaeda getting time-traveling ideas -- exactly is that doing in a game that takes place in the 16th century? Well, to understand that, you need to understand that the rad trailer aside, Atlas ... is kind of a shitty video game.

It was expected to be the spiritual successor to 2015's smash-hit Ark: Survival Evolved.

Yet, when it came out, players found it was pretty much just Ark re-cobbled together with different assets. Still, terrible reviews user scores didn't prevent the game from having a decent enough player base and a huge following on Twitch. Being a game with a high amount of unnecessary assets, all it took was for a hacker to gain access to one of the game admin's accounts. They used the power to turn into a mad Doctor Who, hell-bent on forcing the future onto the entire pirate population of the game. Their poor wooden boats had to deal not only with planes but also rampaging tanks ...

5 Ridiculous Video Game Hacks You'll Love To Hate
Grapeshot Games

... and even swarms of gigantic sea monsters.

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Grapeshot Games
Which is somehow the least jarring of it all.

Luckily, for players that respect the space/time continuum, to undo the chaos, the game developers just had to roll the servers back just a few hours, and not the expected 500 years.

That time cheaters turned Apex Legends into Street Fighter

The hackers of the battle royale world, sitting in their comfort zone of insta-headshot shenanigans and see-through walls-special "glasses," were taken by surprise by the triumphant return of melee combat on Apex Legends. Out of nowhere, players of a game about gunning everyone down until there was no one left started complaining about getting their in-game asses literally kicked by unlikely karate masters.

The hack in question seems to reduce the wind-up time of melee attacks to zero, thus allowing for players to spam kicks quicker than Chun-Li given an IV filled with equal parts Red Bull and cocaine-infused cheetah blood until their opponents are turned to mush and very, very confused.

But it's somehow even funnier when you see it happening to you or your teammates.

Gamers are known for complaining, but you gotta hand it to them for having the courage to admitting defeat against a bunch of barehanded fools when they've spent the whole game stockpiling equipment and weaponry that would make the United States military feel inadequate.

The Dark Souls Hack That Marks Victims As The Cheater

Dark Souls is such a tough game that encountering a hacker actually comes off as a nice reprieve from the brutal punishment dished out by the game itself. For the most part, cheaters in Dark Souls have the same lifespan as they do in other games. They first unleash their newfound power on an unsuspecting player, then on as many as they can like digital drive-bys until a ban inevitably comes. Except that one Dark Souls hacker, Malcolm Reynolds, has messed with the game code so much that he can kill players and then get them banned for it.

Reynolds will show up, cast a pyromancy spell at players that will not cause a fire, but instead have them and their hard-earned equipment eaten inside out by a million parasites.

5 Ridiculous Video Game Hacks You'll Love To Hate

The spell will then soft-ban the poor light soul in question and somehow mark him as a cheater, which means he'll only be matched with actual cheaters like Malcolm himself for an indefinite period of time. It's truly is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls hacks.

GTA V's Battle Mechs

When it comes to dying unfairly on GTA V, experienced players usually expect to get killed by either someone on a flying jet bike (aptly called "The Oppressor") or a goddamn low orbit Ion cannon.

Still, some GTA V players found a way to hack the game in an absurdly insane way without compromising the sheer unfairness of playing against a cheater. Though no one really knows how they did it, hackers glued together dozens of tanks and other military vehicles in the game to build colossal robots, then managed to sneak them inside GTA V Online.

And yeah, they do work. Kind of.


It's not every day that you get to see, try to fight, and then get killed by Mechagodzilla in between your carjackings. Sadly, these mods are not allowed on the official servers, crushing our dreams of becoming Megazord Scarface.

Top image: PUBG

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