Hackers Discovered 'Elden Ring''s Darkest Easter Egg

Ever wondered where all the kids went in the world of 'Elden Ring'? Well..
Hackers Discovered 'Elden Ring''s Darkest Easter Egg

Players used to spend decades in possession of seemingly harmless games before hackers got to dive into their code and discover demonry ranging from possessed characters to entire rooms filled with murdered innocents hiding within. Luckily, hackers and data miners have become much faster in their quests, and they've just found out what's very likely to remain as Elden Ring's most messed-up easter egg. One cool thing R-rated games usually do is craft worlds where children don't exist. Their absence in such awful places provides such relief that people don't even bother asking how a world where everyone is born an adult would work. That said, data miners didn't go looking for children in Elden Ring, but they did end up stumbling upon them, and the result was even worse than they could have imagined. 

When someone talks about the grafted, a type of enemy from Elden Ring that's basically what Dr. Frankenstein would have come up with if he'd lived during the dark ages, players will probably think about “Godrick, The Grafted”.

Godrick, one of the first hard bosses in 'Elden Ring'

From Software

Actually, the correct name isn't Dr. Frankenstein, but Frankenstein's Monster's Doctor.

They'll think about him because the word “grafted” is right there on his name and probably also because he's a tough boss most players remember out of pure spite, but he's not the most important grafted in the game. That honor belongs to the Grafted Scion, the very first enemy players encounter in the game.

the grafted scion

From Software

Players are much less likely to remember this one because he hides under a cloak and also because he's an unfairly strong monster meant to quickly kill players and disappear for the rest of the game. Good move, because that way most players don't even begin to comprehend the abomination they'd just encountered. Youtuber Zullie The Witch, however, took the time to investigate and the first thing she found was a face, one too youthful for what anyone would expect to find on the equivalent of a poorly-made hamburger.

the scion's young face

From Software

Then, she unlocked the camera to find the creature's arms.

the scion's many young arms

From Software

she found arms that are too small for an adult, too numerous for just one child. 

She discovered that the Grafted Scion is the result of stitching a bunch of kids together. While the result is a surprisingly apt fighter, this is probably not a very ethical thing to do.

The fully exposed scion

From Software

The good news is that we've found all the children who'd ever gone missing in the lands between, the bad ones is that one set of parents will have to adopt them all.

While the horror of this situation would have even King Solomon breaking a sweat, at least we can finally say we've finally found something even more messed-up than that time Half-Life 2 nearly featured child slaves.

Top Image: FromSoftware, Xam3lpt


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