Hackers Unlocked 'Final Fantasy VII's Darkest Easter Egg

From 'Final Fantasy' to 'Eternal Nightmare'
Hackers Unlocked 'Final Fantasy VII's Darkest Easter Egg

If you walk into a gamer party and ask what's the best game on the PS1, the most common answer will probably be “Wait, there really was a PS1? I thought that was a myth!”. The second most common answer will be Metal Gear Solid, and then there will be a group so vocal about how it's actually Final Fantasy VII that you'll just have to consider the possibility of it being true. Even so long after the release of the original game (and not very long after the release of the remake), players are still attached to the characters and hellbent on finding new details they might've missed. A few hackers dared to dive into this classic's code and quickly saw their final fantasy turn into an endless nightmare.

One of the reasons fans never managed to get over FFVII is that, well, let's just say that the most central relationship in the game gets an abrupt ending that never offers the closure a fan requires.

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Actually, trying to avoid spoiling a 25-year-old-game is silly. It's Cait that cheats on Sith with a Chocobo – then Aerith gets murdered by Sephiroth.

The death of one of the supposed main characters in the middle of the game proved too hard of a blow to handle for most teens, and rumors on how to resurrect Aerith quickly began to surface. Code-Jockeys delved into it, and instead of finding a way to get back with Aerith, they found something that'll ensure no one will want to be in her vicinity ever again. 

Hackers found a way to enter the debug menu, which is a black void filled with many characters who look like they'll gang up on you at any moment.

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“You stepped into the wrong endless void, buddy.”

Aerith will also be there, and just the mere act of approaching her will trigger a weird message coming straight from the ground.

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And if you get too close to her, she'll seemingly begin to have a stroke that'll come accompanied by a scream. That would be scary either way, but please note that this is a game where all characters are otherwise completely mute.

And that's not even the only thing she has to say to the player.

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Huh, maybe we're actually okay with just Pressing F to pay Final Respects

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