'World Of Warcraft' Players Stumbled Into A Grim Easter Egg Mystery

We don't know why the Crypts of Karazhan got cut, but we do get why
'World Of Warcraft' Players Stumbled Into A Grim Easter Egg Mystery

At the time of its release, many criticized World Of Warcraft for abandoning Blizzard's classic dark and gritty looks and opting for a more PG aesthetic instead. What the grim-eaters didn't know, however, was that ever since the beginning, WoW was hiding one of the most messed-up locations in the history of Blizzard games: The Karazhan Crypt. Karazhan is a known area one can explore and raid in the game, but its crypts remain off-limits – or were at least meant to remain that way. It was only some time after the game's release that some fans managed to break into the crypts, and ended up finding what was by far the scariest area in the game. 

Upon glitching their way into the sealed catacomb, the raiders found some very ominous passages that guided them to progressively scarier sights.

Crypt corridor


How's this for a liminal space?

After going through a few more empty rooms, things start to get seriously wicked.

crypt pile of bones


This pile of bones is about halfway there in terms of how gruesome it gets.
The scale of it sure doesn't help make it any less creepy, but it's nice to know these are too large to be human bones, I guess.

Then there is the crypt's non-swimming pool:

crypt pool


That's the scariest place ever conceived by a Blizzard employee outside of their Cosby Room.

Thinking it's actually not that bad? Well, I just showed you a very flattering angle. From the right angle, you'll see that most of the pool is populated by the corpses of upside-down people that someone deemed as sinners.

The depths of the Karazhan Crypt
Imagine accidentally diving down this hellhole without knowing what you are about to find.

Seeing screenshots just isn't enough to convey the eeriness of this crypt. If you turn off the weird upbeat music, the video below does a good job of showing the progressive descent into hell that exploring it constitutes (you can keep it on if it gets too spooky).

It's a very, very disturbing place. So disturbing, in fact, that we know it exists, but not because the devs ever dared to explain what they intended to do with it. The crypt remains a mystery to this day – quite a way to make sure it will never stop haunting the minds of those who've visited it.

Top Image: Activision Blizzard

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