You would think that once famous people made their fortunes, they'd let up off the gas and chill out a bit -- you know, swim in their pools full of gold coins and shit.

But solid gold toilets don't buy themselves, which is probably how we ended up with the following.

Entry by PollyDarton

27 Celeb Ding-Dong (And Disappointing) Ads

Entry by Dr.Maybe

CRACKED In 2012 popchips released a commercial starring Ashton Kutcher in brownface. He played a Bollywood producer named Raj, complete with a mock In

Entry by PollyDarton

In A 1970 AD In TVGUIDE CRAGKEDCOM sonnY And cHEiR endorsed THE BIBLE. Look who reads the Bible. The me mle Ble Bee sen that vadoller. Hard thiNES YOU

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