15 Queer Video Game Icons: Happy Pride!

Queer narratives in gaming are increasing all the time. Keep 'em coming devs.
15 Queer Video Game Icons: Happy Pride!

Happy Pride everyone! Each June, we celebrate the queer people that inspire us and literally define culture and society. We’re kicking off the month long love fest by paying homage to some of our favorite queer icons in gaming. Each year, queer visibility only grows. Despite those utter beta cucks seeking to silence us. Spoiler alert: there are a ton of queer depictions in video games and we’re only growing in numbers baby! (Also… actual spoiler alert for games with characters on this list.)

Kynaios and Tiro


Wizards of the Coast

Feel the love and the satisfaction of your EDH opponents fighting each other.

Magic: The Gathering is the greatest game ever made. And Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis were it’s first explicitly gay couple. They’re a popular commander for “pillow fort” players, a strategy for giving your opponents incentives not to attack you. Clever and cut? Gotta love these guys.

Eivor in Assassin’s Creed



In my playthrough she had a shaved head but w/e.

In the modern Assassin’s Creed series, character customization is becoming more and more prominent, but AC: Valhalla made a point of letting players know that the female Eivor was canon. And whether it was a one night fling or a forever partner, her romances in the game were some of the most memorable in the series.

Parvati Holcomb


Obsidian Entertainment

Give Parvati her own game.

The Outer Worlds was not incredibly well received. But this character certainly was. The portrayal of, Parvati Holcomb, an asexual romantic bi-woman won the game a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Video Game in 2020.




I will always love you Krem. Always.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is often lauded for its portrayal of queer characters. Krem won the hearts of DA: I players immediately for his frank style of communication and open camaraderie. 

The Dads in Dream Daddy


Game Grumps

Dad jokes abound… and so does love.

So many dads, so little time! It’s a wholesome dose of dad love in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Whether you’re looking for a big belly papa or a slender twinkish father, every dad in this cult classic game is iconic.




And just look at that ROCK. 

Birdo has become a trans icon and even made our list of 15 Hottest Moms in Gaming. She’s cute and she’s got the skills to boot!

Players of Final Fantasy XIV


Square Enix//Rough Trade Gaming

The parade originally organized by the Rough Trade Gaming Community.

Final Fantasy XIV is a stomping ground and gathering place to virtually celebrate pride. There are yearly pride events held in the game by players. When FFXIV announced same-sex marriages in the game in 2014, fans even held a big, spontaneous pride parade. 

Liara T’soni



So brave, so beautiful.

An all-female species may sound like heaven to a lot of us. The Asari also happen to be some of the most advanced, peaceful, and powerful denizens of the universe. They’re pretty much all sapio-sexuals, but Dr. T’soni is beloved by the community as a near-canonical match for fem Shep in the Mass Effect series.



Cartoon Network

This show makes me cry happy tears every time I remember it exists.

Ruby and Sapphire and their fusion into Garnet are some of the most iconic characters in cartoons. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this award winning show. Mostly aimed at younger audiences, there are tons of Steven Universe games you can play on console or browser. It’s time to revisit the love and get some quality wholesome gaming in at the same time.

Kung Jin



MK12 appearance or we riot.

Protecting Earthrealm and living as his truest self? No wonder Kung Jin is a fan favorite character. He first appeared in Mortal Kombat X as the series premiere openly gay character. And if he doesn’t come back as a playable character in MK12, I will personally hold my breath until I pass out.




My inquisitor was a queer lady Qunari but Dorian was her ride or die party member.

Another classic from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dorian is loved for his sharp wit, his quippy dialogue, and his complex storylines. He’s one of the most realistically portrayed characters in a game heralded for its great NPC design, whether he’s a love interest or just a bestie, you’ll never forget him.

Alex Chen


Square Enix

A queer character in a starring game role: you simply love to see it.

The Life Is Strange series is celebrated by critics and players alike as being beacon’s of inspiration for queer narratives in gaming. Life Is Strange: True Colors explores the deep emotional world of this bi-sexual icon… while she uses her powers to explore the emotions of everyone around her.

All of Your Sims


Electronic Arts

Love wins in this game with no demonstrable win condition.

The Sims is iconic for letting players live out their fantasy lives. Where else can players explore new horizons and get in touch with new parts of their identities and drown their enemies in a swimming pool?



Naughty Dog

I'm not crying you're crying.

Ellie’s story drives one of the best game series in recent years. Her coming out story in The Last of Us 2  is a really heartwarming depiction of acceptance and love from a parent figure that many of us don’t get to experience IRL. 




Strong in the meta and in her identity.

For a PVP game, Overwatch has surprisingly deep lore. From time-skipping cadet, to Overwatch agent, Tracer has a wild story. And fans went wild when a heartwarming story came out featuring Tracer’s girlfriend Emily. Hopefully we’ll learn even more about Tracer as the Overwatch 2 lore develops.

To everyone out there, happy gaming and happy Pride month!

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