15 Hottest Moms in Gaming

Featuring games so good you'll wish you could MILF (Make It Last Forever.)
15 Hottest Moms in Gaming

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether they’re the tutorial quest giver or the final boss, these moms are all one thing: super hot. Please be aware that there are a lot of SPOILERS on this list but most of these games have been out for at least a year. So if you get any unwanted information, it’s just like mom would say: I told you so. Let’s celebrate with a list of the greatest MILFs in gaming.

Queen Rennala - Elden Ring


Bandai Namco/FromSoftware INC.

Oh sweet moon mommy, when will I defeat you?

Delicate features, brutal boss battle. Rennala is a fan favorite character in Elden Ring. Mother to some of the most renowned characters in the Lands Between, she’s a woman with a lustrous career. Academic head and a queen?! She’s working overtime. I am personally having such a hard time getting past those stupid Burger King looking guys at the Raya Lucaria gates that I don’t know if I’ll ever personally fight her. But just like the moon, I’ll always admire her from afar. 

Flemeth - Dragon Age: Inquistion



She old AND she hot!

What’s hotter than power? Nothing that’s what. In the Dragon Age mythos, she’s close to a demi-god, living for countless years and at the center of countless folk legends. We stan a hot old lady. Plus her English voice is done by Kate Mulgrew who absolutely rules.

Mother Brain - Metroid



I'm most attracted to the mind.

Hear me out: sapiosexual. She may be a pulsing mass of flesh studded with spikes created by the Chozo, but she’s also an independent woman honey! Sure she’s a sadistic megalomaniac who’s unafraid to kill, but she helped raise Samus so she can’t be all bad. Right? Right?!

Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


Glu Mobile

Mobile gamers are gamers, get over it.

Despite the fact that mobile gamers don’t get much cred in the gaming world, they are still a beloved member of the gaming family. Stop being such a snob and just let people enjoy their phone tapping ok? And Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is actually pretty fun. Whatever your opinion on the family as a whole, I think we can all agree: Kim K is a hottie. Happy Mother’s Day Kim. Please give your nanny a raise.

Rhea - Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Koei Tecmo

I'm sure there's some questionable DeviantArt drawings out there.

So the “mother” title is a little wishy-washy here, but Rhea created Sothis to revive the dead god so… we’re going to count it. She sacrifices for years to protect Sothis and ensure her well-being, sounds like mom stuff to me! Plus she’s got that doe-eyed anime face and legs that go on for miles. Milf material!

Bridget Strand - Death Stranding


Kojima Productions

I'm not a mom so I'm really not here to judge mothering skills, only hotness.

She’s a researcher, she’s a president, she’s a mom! 2019’s wildest game slash walking simulator Death Stranding featured this Milf as a major plot device. Sure she has slight mad-scientist vibes, but everything she does is to save humanity. So give her a break. She’s a cougar on a mission.

Mom - Pokemon


Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Just look at this beautiful woman!

No one holds it down like Mom. She’s not only trusting enough to let you set out on your own at age 11-ish, she’s also quite a looker. Having someone you know is going to be there for you whether or not you “catch ‘em all” is a real relief. If only I could Ditto morph into a Mr. Mime and finally be with her. I could make her so happy, I just know it.

Birdo - Mario Series



Don't you DARE judge me for putting her on this list. She thicc.

As a friend pointed out: all those eggs gotta hatch some time! She’s sassy and classy and spittin’ out eggs on the reggs. She’s a woman on the go who doesn’t have time to rear the hundreds of children she spits out through her nose/mouth/face cloaca. She’s got races to win!  

Abigail Marston - Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games

Find yourself a good, brave woman like Abby, and heck pardner, you can do anything.

A devoted mother and hard-pressed wife, Abigail Roberts is as hardy as they come. With those raven locks and beautiful face, she won not only the west, she won our hearts. 

Shelob - Shadow of War


Monolith Productions

She can step on you 4 times as much as the average mom!

As a die-hard Tolkien fan, this one irked me at first. Shelob is a giant, horrifying spider descended from Ungoliant, a primordial force of hunger which emerged from shadow. But in Shadow of War, she’s a dang hottie who looks A LOT like Mila Jovovich. She gave birth to both the spiders of Mirkwood and my new 8 legged lady fetish. 

Ana - Overwatch


Blizzard Entertainment

A warrior, a mommy.

Like many of the Overwatch origin stories, Ana has a tragic tale. But like many moms the world over, she overcomes, learns from her mistakes and rises like a phoenix to become something more badass than ever. Also those THIGHS.

Lady Dimitrescu - Resident Evil Village


S-s-step on me please? UWU.

You knew she was going to make the list. When Lady D first appeared in trailers for RE: Village the internet responded with a resounding “step on me”. She’s mother to the vamps which titillate and terrify the main character in Castle Dimitrescu. And she’s *gulp* enormous.

Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat 11


NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros.

She's jumping through time and she's hotter than ever.

She’s kicking butt and literally killing time in this excellent installment in the classic series. It must be weird to confront your own daughter from the future, but she handles it like the pro she is.

Masako Adachi - Ghost of Tsushima


Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

This distinguished older lady has some tricks up her sleeves I bet.

This mom’s got it all: a formidable fighter, a gorgeous woman, and the spirit of vengeance. She’s got one of the most gut wrenching questlines in Ghost of Tsushima, and she’s also a stone cold fox.

Yennefer of Vengerberg - The Witcher Series


CD Projekt Red

I would fight endless Wild Hunts to be with her.

She’s number one in hotness and number one in being a good mom. She’s Ciri’s adopted mom and a powerful sorceress. Thank god she’s actually a romanceable option in The Witcher 3. Romancing Triss is all good and well for a second playthrough but come on, this is true love we’re talking about here. 

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