The Weird, Trolling That Is 'Death Stranding Director's Cut'

The Weird, Trolling That Is 'Death Stranding Director's Cut'

We're not beyond turning the website into a repository of anti-Kojima babble, but it's only fair to also congratulate the man for his artisanship where it's due -- in order to catch readers unprepared when the time to shit on him inevitably comes again. Death Stranding Director's Cut is out, and, well, what better way to prepare players for the weirdness awaiting them than the words of the game's own creator, who declared that this director's cut isn't actually a director's cut

This hotly anticipated director's cut brings one hell of a lot of new features, including a pair of jetpack legs tailored to make deliveries easier ...

… as well as a straight-up racing mode …

Say what you will, we'll take the secret apology for forcing players of the original version to just walk to so many places.

And while neat, the racing aspect feels like just a minigame like so many others. Kojima fans miss the beautifully weird mechanics like having BDSM psychos spying on your gaming habits via your memory card or waiting for enemies to die of old age. Death Stranding's save transfer system is here for them.

While the biggest problem of getting a PS5 is the mere act of getting one, the very second is the hassle a lot of games force players to go through if they want to transfer their files to the new system. When making Director's Cut, Kojima was already aware of this being a problem. Did Kojima simply make it easy for players to transfer their saves? Well, he could've, but instead decided to double down on the problem and make players strand their way into it.

Kojima Productions, Sony

You can't even bribe your friends into helping you move with digital pizza and beer.

Yeah, that Kojima-made expression means that If you want to bring your saves from the old system (and old version of the game), you'll have to actually carry them through the game, on a brand new Death Stranding mission that's sure to make you relive all the nostalgia for the suffering you went through when first finishing the game.

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