'Star Wars' Boss Talks 'Jedi Knight' Film Adaptation (And Messes It Up)

These are not the Jedi Knights we were looking for.
'Star Wars' Boss Talks 'Jedi Knight' Film Adaptation (And Messes It Up)

One thing the more “vocal” Star Wars fans don't complain about is the new direction the brand has taken ever since Dave Filoni became Emperor and declared order 66 on the sequel trilogy took the reins. Filoni gets a lot of praise for expanding the original trilogy's mythos via the hugely successful The Mandalorian, a TV show that recycles a bunch of cool stuff Disney close-mindedly deemed non-canon at the time of the acquisition. That move naturally had many fans wondering whether they'd ever see the popular Star Wars video game character Kyle Katarn make a return in some form. 

Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Knight series


To anyone wondering who Kyle Katarn might be, just think of a Jedi who definitely f*cks.

In a recent IGN interview celebrating the Star Wars celebration, Filoni says that he hears the name of the hero of the Jedi Knight series of games name various times a day. He claims to like the idea, but he states that these are not his characters and are therefore something he'd have to be especially respectful of when adapting. That's actually great because that's the exact opposite of what Rogue One did when they abducted the main characters of the Jedi Knight series to erase their memories and have them star in a much blander version of their past life.

the main characters from Rogue One are dilluted versions of the main characters from Jedi Knight


“Why are you calling me Jan Ors? My name has definitely always been Jyn Erso. Also, quit acting like you're a cool-ass Jedi. You're just some guy!"

Filoni's heart is in the right place, and even though everyone's curious to see how the Jedi Knight tales would translate to a TV show, we're actually pretty glad Filoni is resisting that idea. That's because when he goes on to talk about Jedi Knight video games he doesn't talk about the Jedi Knight series, but rather about Jedi Power Battles, an old Star Wars game about an unrelated bunch of Jedi knights that we didn't even think of when coming up with our list of best SW games, and Star Wars Obi-Wan, a game we're definitely thinking of when coming up with our list of worst Star Wars games of all time. Dave, please. This:

footage from the inferior Jedi Power Battles


Is very different from this:

Footage from the glorious Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast


The interview can be seen below:

Top Image: Disney

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