New Video Game Asks: What If Jesus Was Mean

New Video Game Asks: What If Jesus Was Mean

Do you have a minute to talk about Jesus? You better make time or the inquisitors are coming to absolutely wreck you. Of all the heroes' journeys and classical epic tales which inspire the video games we love, spicy takes on Jesus of Nazareth are few and far between. Understandably so, it’s a hot button topic sure to garner more than a few comments from players or protestors. But the themes of division and cruelty are just what a new game seeks to explore.

You’ll play as holy inquisitor Mordimer Madderin, a sworn servant dedicated to an alternate universe Jesus, who didn’t come back with a message of forgiveness after his crucifixion, he came back for vengeance. Neat!

Polish authors are getting a reputation in the U.S. for producing amazing fantasy novels inspiring incredible dark fantasy games. The most notable example being The Witcher series based off of Andrzej Sapkowski’s chronicle of Geralt of Rivia and co. The series was adapted by Polish studio CD Projekt Red and has become one of the pantheon of great open world RPG’s. 

The Dust

Thank god Jesus is still hot in this alternate universe.

The freshman project from fellow Polish developer The Dust might just follow in CD Projekt’s footsteps. I, the Inquisitior is based off the Mordimer Madderdin series of novels by Jacek Piekara. The writer’s work is popular in Poland, but hasn’t quite made it across the pond in the same way; this might be his big break into the U.S. audience. His series is based in the 1500’s and unravels dark mysteries set in a brutal world where forgiveness is something to be fought against. The action adventure game will carry those themes forward as dark forces from beyond our world amass while the inquisitor navigates the streets of a grim renaissance era.  

The Dust began work on the game in 2019, and there’s no release date set yet. When it does come out, if you’re looking for some mystery solving blasphemy, this could be the game for you. The game is being developed for PC, new gen Xbox, and PS5. 

If the intersection of religion and gaming interests you, read more here about why getting to believe in god is the ultimate power fantasy.

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