Who Swore It Better: Howard Stern Vs. Joe Rogan

Who Swore It Better: Howard Stern Vs. Joe Rogan

Radio is back, baby! In the world of radio, there are few figures as controversial as Howard Stern. For over three decades, Stern has built a career on outrageous humor and provocative commentary. In contrast, Joe Rogan is a relatively new voice in the world of radio, but he has quickly become one of the most popular hosts in the country. On the surface, Stern and Rogan might seem like completely different personalities. However, they actually have a lot in common. Both Stern and Rogan are known for their willingness to push boundaries and tackle taboo subjects. They both also have a large and loyal following of listeners who appreciate their frankness and candid style. In many ways, Howard Stern and Joe Rogan are two sides of the same coin.

Podcasts reinvented the radio shows of yesteryear and then followed almost directly in their footsteps, taking out the one semi-interesting thing about them: live recording. With the two mediums essentially being extremely boring YoutTube videos now, who does it better? Is it the old guard, Howard Stern, who pioneered the shock-jock format? Or could it be Joe Rogan, the surprise up-and-comer with his controversial bag of tricks?

Let's find who reigns supreme - the biggest radio show in the US or the biggest podcast?

CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES CRACKED.COM HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN Age: 68 Age: 54 Launched The •Launched The Howard Stern Joe Rogan Show in 1986 Experience in 2009 Body: Tim Body: Boiled Burton Stretch character Armstrong

CRACKED VS EARLY CAREER HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN CRACKED.COM Host of a Developed his show in the reality show mid-70s with morning where positions at people had stations in New York, to eat bull Connecticut, and testicles Detroit

CRACKED VS MID CAREER HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN ake Me HOWARD STERN la CRACKED.COM tter.com/jpero E! Launches Host of a tapings of the podcast where subversive radio people get high show in the and watch mid-90s, bringing YouTube videos the raunchy of other people program to eating bull people's television sets testicles

CRACKED VS LATE CAREER HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN EGIA OTHER IENC E S CRACKED.COM Host of a podcast Worth half a where controversial billion dollars guests have free and over the reign to retirement age, dangerously Stern is taking it misinform the way slower and largely young, male pissing off the audience without FCC a lot less pushback

CRACKED VS PLATFORM HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN SERGEN . ЖКА THE Serious YORK Roddie - Name Good Pat I Your Daily Mix1 Made for James Roce On (SiriusXm)) H Anderson Pask) - + Medito Anderson . I A C Seoul Park IN Partie CRACKED.COM Spotify paid $100 Currently on, million for the Joe and the only Rogan Experience, reason to pay including a few dozen episodes for, Sirius ХМ recently removed Radio for liberal use of racial slurs

CRACKED VS HAIR HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN TM - CRACKED.COM . Luscious, curly Did the only locks of raven honorable thing colored spun a middle aged silk that man can do complete his when their hair iconic, bad boy thins: transform of terrestrial into a human radio look thumb

CRACKED VS SHOW CONTENT HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN I TH BOOK ONO CRACKED.COM A deep dive into Long form interviews, music the theoretical performances, upper limits of and revery for gorilla strength, the denizens that while Jamie live in the outer pulls up relevant edges of society documentation

CRACKED VS INTERVIEW SKILLS HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN FREE GRIELAINE CRACKED.COM The only Asks meaningful questions Rogan questions to and seems to ask unearthing anymore are if the fascinating facts experts he occasionally has about on can beat a larger-than-life chimpanzee in guests arm wrestling

CRACKED VS PEERS HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN Pima CRACKED.COM Co-host Robin Insulates himself within an Quivers grounds increasingly the mania in the diminishing pool studio, along with of like-minded the parade of contrarians and weirdo anti authority supporting extras figures

CRACKED VS RECENT CONTROVERSY HOWARD STERN JOE ROGAN CRACKED COM Took off for the Artists are taking their music off summer after Spotify in negotiating a protest against $500 million the vaccine deal with Sirius, misinformation angering fans presented on and subscribers Rogan's show

CRACKED VS VERDICT WINNER: HOWARD STERN GRACKED.COM The out of control, raunchy, and boundary-pushing antics that Stern got up to almost seem quaint in comparison to the extreme societal damage one podcast piloted by a former reality show host could deal to an entire generation.
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