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5 Amazing Advances That Are About to Make Hard Work Obsolete

You industrious types who take great joy in doing difficult tasks -- go clean your gutters. For the rest of our lazy brethren who are still reading this, probably from bed, we're here to tell you that the future is bright.


5 Modern Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think

It turns out that many of the technologies we automatically peg as modern are actually way older than we think.


The 5 Most Stupidly Disastrous Military Computer Glitches

Highly trained military personnel, despite the whole 'highly trained' part, are oftentimes just as bad with computers as we are.


5 Advanced Technologies Nature Does Better Than Scientists

Sometimes we need to man up and admit that we're not always the best at what we do. In some cases, nature just rolls its eyes, pushes the scientists out of the way, and shows us how it's done.


3 Despicable Internet Behaviors (That Are Really Your Fault)

Hey, did you hear? Humanity is doomed. Everyone on the Internet is saying so.


4 Reasons the Internet Has Made Everyone an Entitled Dick

Why is it that you and I and everyone else on the Internet are so convinced the world owes us everything, quickly, of the highest quality, and free? How did we get to be such self-entitled little bastards?


6 Awesome Easter Eggs Hidden in Programs You Use Every Day

It turns out some of the programs and websites you use every day are filled with hidden jokes or secret features that prove that programmers are even nerdier than we had assumed.


6 Simple Products That Advertisers Pretend Are Complicated

How do you make people buy your mundane product instead of your competitor's? With pure BS, of course.


5 Videos That Will Brighten Your Day

There's a lot of negativity in the world, some of it even coming from me. Allow to make up a tiny bit for that.


4 Things You Learn Quickly About Internet Hate

After a decade knee-deep in e-opinion, this is what the Internet has taught me about the Internet.


5 Reasons to Be Terrified That Computers Can Now Read Faces

Recognizing you is just the beginning -- the goal is to create software that can all but read your goddamned mind. Don't believe us? Guess what -- the technology exists.


8 Insane Vehicles You Won't Believe Are Street Legal

As long as there are wheels to spin and jet engines to slap on things that should not have jet engines, mankind's irrepressible need to go ungodly speeds while looking completely ludicrous shall not be sated.


4 Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Computer Hackers

Everything you've learned from Hollywood about hacking has utterly failed to communicate just how boring it actually is.


5 Clues Hidden in Computer Files That Can Get You Busted

You leave digital fingerprints all over everything you do on a computer, and unfortunately for bad guys, it doesn't exactly take a CSI team to find them.


The 12 Most Ridiculous Old-Timey Transportation Innovations

Nobody was ever more batshit crazy than old-timey inventors. Ever.