5 Streams That Went Horribly Wrong

There is no end to how badly wrong a livestream can go.
5 Streams That Went Horribly Wrong

In just a few years, livestreaming went from a silly little hobby to one of the biggest forms of entertainment on the planet. Whether that's good is up to you, but one thing's for sure: In terms of how disastrously things can go wrong, streaming is simply unparalleled. Look at how ...

Twitch Accidentally Broadcast Hardcore Porn On Their Biggest Streamer's Channel

In August 2019, streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced that he was taking his talents from Twitch to Mixer, a rival platform owned by Microsoft whose biggest claim to fame was its roster of big-name stars like, um ... Ninja. While it was clearly a great business move for Ninja and Mixer, it left Twitch with a massive problem. He was one of their most popular streamers, with approximately 14 million followers. If they didn't figure out a way to stem the bleeding, they'd have no option but to start selling Dr. Disrespect's bathwater to make up the shortfall, which is no life for anyone.

One solution was to convert Ninja's abandoned channel page into a switchboard that promoted other, lesser streamers to the masses still flocking to it. This proved to be a not-terrible idea, and they even included a little Mario joke about how Ninja was "in another castle" to show how definitely not-mad they were about the whole thing.

Weird how Peach is pointing directly at Luigi's dick. Oh well, that probably isn't prophetic or anything ...

Things were good ... until the page starting promoting out-and-out (and in-and-out) porn. Between three and five minutes later, the internet was up in arms over this filthy, filthy carnival of flesh, and Twitch soon pulled down not only the offending channel, but also the entire page, replacing it with a repository of Ninja's old videos. Twitch's CEO also took to Twitter to apologize to Ninja directly, while Ninja later released a video apologizing to his fanbase for the "disgusting" display.

Not to be outdone, Twitch apologized (again) for our horrible human bodies, and vowed to investigate how this feed was allowed to broadcast for so long without being picked up by the site's content filter. That last one's especially weird, given how Twitch can't stop bringing the "sexual content" banhammer down on everyone from women wearing gym clothes to SpongeBob. As for Ninja and Mixer, things are going swimmingly, thank you for asking.

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A YouTuber Brags About Modding A Car He Bought On Finance, Gets Wrecked By BMW

Unless you're a car buff, you've probably never watched a video by Riccardo "LivingLifeFast" Senior. Think Top Gear, but without as much casual xenophobia.

As much as LivingLifeFast loves cars, however, he sure doesn't love reading the paperwork they come with. In June 2019, Senior revealed that BMW had revoked the financing on his recently purchased BMW M4, worth 60,000 pounds, after discovering that he'd extensively modified the car to run at 720hp instead of the standard 444hp. How did they catch him, you might wonder? They tuned in to his channel, where he documented the entire process.

Hold your internet outrage until the end, please. Under the financing arrangement he signed, which is common in the UK, LLF was effectively leasing the car until the end of the several-year arrangement, at which point he would've been able to buy it outright at a reduced price. By modding the BMW, however, he effectively staked his claim forever, and so BMW punched his card. Read your contracts, kids.

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A Cat Shuts Down His Owner's Stream With A Well-Placed Stream Of Barf

In July 2019, a streamer by the name of JadedBlue was enjoying a game when his cat, Kelsier, started gagging. JadedBlue leaned over to help, and in a move reminiscent of a horror movie, the stream immediately went dead, leaving viewers wondering what the hell had happened.

In an announcement later posted to his Twitter, JadedBlue revealed that Kelsier had barfed right into his computer, frying its innards and knocking him offline until he could repair the damage. Yes, there is a picture of the barf. No, we aren't going to post it. Yes, you're very welcome.

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A 20-Something Vlogger's Stream Glitches, Exposes Her As A CGI-Disguised 58-Year-Old

"Your Highness Qiao Biluo" was a vlogger in China with a 100,000-strong following. Her fanbase not only lavished donations on her, but practically worshiped the ground she streamed on. The secret to her success? Her personali- her looks, of course. We'd describe her as "unnaturally" pretty, but that foreshadowing is a little too blatant.

On July 25, 2019, Bilou was streaming with a fellow vlogger when, unbeknownst to her, her computer glitched and took down the CGI filter she had apparently been using to disguise her true appearance, thus revealing her as a middle-aged woman.

It was only when Bilou noticed a mass exodus from her VIP chatroom that she discovered what had happened, at which point she disappeared and took down her channel ... but not before the countless horny dudes who donated to her stream turned around and took their cash back ... and also not before someone could rip the incident to YouTube, where it went viral.

While the internet devolved into arguments about whether this was karma for her deceiving countless horndogs or if those guys had it coming for being so image-obsessed, the incident caused Bilou's follower count to change drastically ... to 650,000 people. Although it's entirely possible they're all just waiting to see what this master illusionist has lined up for the future.

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PewDiePie Tries To Do Something Decent, And His Fans Absolutely Hate It

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is by now nearly as famous for his screw-ups as he is for playing video games. In 2016, for instance, he received criticism over his constant racist "pranks," which included making "ironic" Nazi references, paying some people to make and hold up an "ironic" sign saying "Death to All Jews," and livestreaming himself calling someone the N-word.

But things have changed. Why, earlier this year, PewDiePie announced that he was donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that combats antisemitism, like the kind found everywhere on the interne- You know what, this might work better with an illustration of what we're talking about.

We understand, Pewds. Sometimes you start playing Minecraft, and before you know it, you're advocating genocide. It's happened to all of us.

Kjellberg stated that this move was part of him "having come to terms with the responsibility a creator" -- and that while his decision to donate to the ADL in particular might not "make sense to everyone, especially since they've outright spoken against me ... I think it's important. This just isn't my fight anymore." Well-said, Felix. Now let's go to the comments and see the reaction.



Immediately after Pewds announced his donation, his fanbase spiraled into a vast conspiracy theory that the ADL was blackmailing him for donations, threatening to destroy his reputation and "out" him as a racist ... despite the fact that he seems to be doing just fine on his own. After the "scandal" was seized upon by internet outrage merchants, Kjellberg took to his camera several days later and announced that after a long, hard think (and a look at his subscriber numbers), he wouldn't be donating to the ADL after all.

He claimed that he had been too busy planning his wedding to look into the ADL, and since his initial announcement, "a lot of things surfaced about the charity that don't fit at all." He probably meant the first word in the name.

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