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Why You've Never Heard Of The Greatest Sport Ever Invented

Give us the roughest, toughest athlete you can think of. He would be soiling himself if he had to play this game.


6 Bizarre Incidents that Prove God Hates Sports

Many people only become sports fans when things go horribly wrong. This article is for them.


The 7 Most Condescending Sports Euphemisms

There's sort of a weird dynamic in the world of sports commentary where red-blooded sports-watching men have to tiptoe around certain subjects as delicately as Victorian gentlemen. Because of this, they end up using these euphemistic code words that are in some ways almost worse than just dissing people straight out.


The 5 Most Terrifying Side Effects of Exercise

Running makes you soil yourself. That's all were saying.


5 Ridiculous Sports You Won't Believe Were Olympic Events

In the Olympics as we know them today, new events have to go through a long process of careful consideration before inclusion in the esteemed games. Baseball and Softball have recently been cut, for example, while Rugby and golf have made inexplicable comebacks. We can't just have any random spastic game of Calvinball gaining entry into the pinnacl


The 6 Greatest Athletic Feats Ever (Aren't What You Think)

Here are six events everyone knows as the greatest in the history of sport, and the true stories that actually beat their pants off.


5 Things That Are Apparently OK To Do in the Name of Sports

Unlike LARPing, sports give you a free pass to act ridiculous and buy all sorts of crazy crap.


5 Golf Courses That Can Kill You

The only thing more boring than a game of golf is a steaming pot of brown whole grain rice, and even that is a close call. Over the past few years, we've learned there are two ways to make golf interesting: One involves lightsaber golf clubs and the other involves injecting some homicidal golf courses into the game. Since lightsaber technology is,


How to Still Win Your NCAA Pool! For People Who Lost Already

I'm currently in last place in this year's pool, and with 0 teams remaining in the final 4, the mathematical odds of me winning are... not actually there. So is my situation hopeless? Over the span of my lifetime, yes, but in this specific instance, no. It just means that I can't use math to win. Which is fine, because winners don't use math.


5 Bizarre Brain Hacks That Make You Better at Sports

Talent, hard work, desire -- they're all nice if you're trying to get to the top of your sport. But all other things being equal, there are a few other factors that give one side the edge.


5 Reasons Riding a Bike Is The Most Humiliating Exercise

Little kids learn how to ride bikes before they learn how to tie their shoes -- which is way more dangerous than it sounds after reading this article.