15 Of The Most Brazen Attempts At Cheating In Professional And Amateur Sports

15 Of The Most Brazen Attempts At Cheating In Professional And Amateur Sports

Pro wrestler/governor/conspiracy nut Jesse “The Body” Ventura said it best: “Win if you can, lost if you must, but always cheat.”

Cheating has been around ever since the first caveman pointed at something behind another caveman, forcing him to turn around, and then clubbing him in the back of the head with a sharp rock. It's not the the most admirable thing to do and it is totally unfair, but it can get results. For some people, it is worth sacrificing your moral fiber in exchange for victory, money, and endorsement deals. 

The big thing is that if you're going to bother to cheat, at least be smart about it. Sure, some folks do get caught, but many cheaters have gotten caught for incredibly dumb reasons. Sometimes they even fail at cheating before they even start.

Here are 15 of the most blatant attempts at cheating that got discovered after a big “oops” or just because no one cared that it happaned:

The dirtiest race in history CRACKED.COM 6 of 8 finalists from a 1988 record-breaking 100-meter race would later go down for doping. Most notably, the winner, Ben Johnson, was doped up in that very race. Ironically, upon receiving his medal, he said this world record will last 50 years, maybe 100.

Source: CNN

The racehorse who mysteriously runs faster in the fog CRACKED.COM In 1990, a horse with 23-1 odds of winning mysteriously beat the field, without breaking a sweat or dirtying its bandages. It was found that Sylvester Carmouche had simply chilled out in the fog for a lap or two, before jumping back into the race at the very end.

Source: People

A marathoner took the subway to the finish line CRACKED.COM After Roise Ruiz barely broke a sweat in her impressive Boston Marathon win, she was found to have simply skipped most of the race. Upon closer inspection, they figured out that she'd also taken the subway to the finish line in NYC - and only got a spot in that race by claiming to have a fatal brain tumor.

Source: Time

The Saints handed out injury-based bonuses CRACKED.COM From 2009 to 2011, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams set up a scheme that incentivised his players to injure their opponents. Williams was booted from the NFL indefinitely, but head coach Sean Peyton was merely suspended for a season.

Source: ESPN

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