Sometimes, a fresh, updated look for a logo can be great for the company or team it's associated with. It can invigorate the team, the fans, and the franchise as a whole. Plus, it's a great way to milk out more merch money from the diehard fans. But sometimes, because teams are more worried about juicing jersey sales with a hot new lettermark that they kick to the curb some extremely, awesomely weird vintage logos. 

Sometimes you don't want a subtle logo with a hidden image. Sometimes, you want a giant bird that looks like it just threatened your dad with a bat. You don't want a random artsy swoosh. You want a chunky Founding Father who's ready to dunk. You don't want a clean, flashy, dynamic chosen-by-committee mascot. You want a tiger that is clearly on cocaine. Here are 15 bad-ass vintage sports logos they need to bring back ASAP:

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