15 Suspiciously Specific Clauses In Pro Athletes' Contracts

Enough with the dollars and cents, we want to talk horses and mustache wax.
15 Suspiciously Specific Clauses In Pro Athletes' Contracts

Professional sports are at their most entertaining when players set aside the norms and conventions, and just have fun with it – and the same applies to their contracts. Here are a few times the players and teams stopped talking dollars and cents, and started talking horses and mustache wax.

Roger Clemens Toronto Blue Jays boeston 22 CRACKED COM In 1996, the Blue Jays agreed to let Clemens' kids practice in the Skydome, and gave them lockers in the clubhouse right next to their dad's.
Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls BULLS CRACKEDCO Most pros are contractually barred from playing pickup games, but the best of best have enough leverage to include a love of the game clause. MJ put his to good use, putting in iconic extracurricular performances at a couple UNC alumni games (and also
Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals C6VIE 25 Just before his big 1998 home run competition with Sammy Sosa, Big Mac put a stipulation in his contract that he'd get $1 per fan that came out to Busch Stadium (after 2.8 million). They wound up getting 3.2 million fans to
Spencer Prior Cardiff City F.C. The team owner snuck in a clause that stated Prior had to eat sheep testicles before games (a weird, but legit tradition) and had to have physical liaisons with sheep (a weird, and wholly unnecessary dig at the Welsh).
George Brett Kansas City Royals Rovals In order to finish out his career with the Royals, Brett requested the team return the infamous pine tar bat. The year before, he'd had a game-winning homerun called back because he was deemed to be using an illegal amount of pine tar
Rollie Fingers Oakland Athletics CRACKEDCONT Fingers had recently won a team e-growing contest, SO extension, he stipulated that he'd be provided the finest mustache wax money could buy.
Stefan Schwartz Sunderland A.F.C. 14 Schwartz had such famous a preoccupation with space and space travel, the team stipulated that he must remain on Earth for the contract to remain valid.
Roy Oswalt Houston Astros CRACKED COM In 2005, Oswalt's contract said that if the team won the National League championship, he'd get a frickin' bulldozer. That seemed to be enough incentive for him, because the Astros won the NCLS and Oswalt got his dozer.
Troy Glaus Arizona Diamondbacks CRACKED On top of his $45 million contract, the Diamondbacks agreed to toss a quarter- million dollars at his wife's horse hobby.
Brad Lidge Houston Astros LIOGE 54 CRACKED In 2006, the Astros threw in a highly unlikely 000 bonus incentive: he'd get that extra pot of cash if he won the Silver Slugger, an award given to the best hitter in the league at each position. The guy had 7 career
Charlie Kerfeld Houston Astros CRACKED COM Kerfeld wore number 37, and wanted everyone to know it: he requested a one-year salary of $110,037.37, and 37 boxes of orange Jell-O.
Manny Ramirez Shikoku Island League Plus BOS TON 21 CRACKED COM When Ramirez went to play ball in Japan in 2017, he had two particularly odd demands: that he could skip practice whenever he wanted, and that he'd be given unlimited sushi.
Rougned Odor Texas Rangers TE XAS When your contract is already just shy of $50 million, you have to get creative with added incentives. The Rangers threw in a bonus of two horses to sweeten the deal.
Rick Mirer Seattle Seahawks CRACKED COM Mirer's 1993 contract explicitly stated that nothing could keep him from getting that bread, up to and including the end of the world.
Eddie Gaedel St. Louis Browns CRACKED COM In 1951, Browns owner Bill Veeck hired the 3'7 performer for exactly one at-bat, in order to present an impossibly small strike zone and get a guaranteed walk. The ump called shenanigans, but they had the contract on-hand, SO it was all technically legit.
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