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5 Things You Won't Believe Are Making You Dumber

Nobody likes to think of their intelligence as something that can get weak and flabby due to things that are out of our control. Science says otherwise.


12 Pictures of Space You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Space is just flat-out crazy as hell. Oh, don't take our word for it or anything; we have photographic evidence.


The 6 Weirdest Things That Statistically Lower Crime

Crime in the U.S. is at its lowest point in pretty much ... well, ever. And nobody knows why.


6 Insane Things Science Can Predict About You at Infancy

Science, as it usually does, has some surprising and kind of scary things to tell us. Apparently, no matter what kind of life you lead, scientists can still figure out who you'll be at 30 based on who you were as a toddler.


5 Sci-Fi Dystopias We've Actually Created (For Animals)

The far-flung science fiction worlds we've been watching for on the horizon have actually been here all along -- it's just that they're not happening to us. They're happening to the animals.


5 Scientific Explanations Behind Everyday Nuisances

In an era where our gadgets exceed the science fiction of just 20 years ago, it's amazing how many everyday annoyances have never gotten fixed. It's not like folks haven't tried. It's just way more complicated than it seems.


The 7 Most Terrifying Mouths in Nature

Sure, a lot of nature's creatures seem harmless, but then they open their mouths.


The 5 Stupidest Looking Superpowers in the Animal Kingdom

Here's to the Toxic Avengers of the Animal Kingdom.


5 Ridiculous Medical Myths You Probably Believe

The truth is that most of us aren't exactly doctors when it comes to our knowledge of modern illness. A lot of what we know and believe about how to avoid being sick is based on old wives' tales and approximately as medically advanced as the idea that masturbation causes blindness.


The 7 Most Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries

In reality, we all know archaeology is nothing like what we see in movies. No ... it's way more terrifying.


4 Wildly Irresponsible Tests for 'Diagnosing' Problems

There are thousands of ways for mental hypochondriacs to go online and self-diagnose every possible disorder, even the ludicrously unlikely ones. Here are four tests you can take to learn shocking truths about yourself.


5 Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Stressing You Out

Ever fly into a rage for no reason? It's almost like you were stressed out and on the verge of snapping for hours before that. Despite how you felt, it turns out that's exactly what was going on.


5 Absurd Sci-Fi Scenarios Science is Actually Working On

While it's easy to imagine watching the hopeful utopia of Star Trek and saying, 'Let's make that real!' it's a little stranger to think the same after watching Blade Runner or Gattaca. Yet here we are.


5 Scientific Explanations for Your Sexual Perversions

While maybe we can't explain your thing with puppets, science does have a few ideas about the other stuff we're into.


4 Things I Regret Doing While Drunk in Your Emergency Room

Dear Doctor, I feel like I need to clear the air about a few things that happened the night you stitched up my face.