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5 Bizarre, Less-Talked-About Problems with the Police

There are a lot more problems with police culture than just the stuff that makes the news ...


TikTok Says Trump Admin Forgot About Ban

Silly Committees, ghosts are for Snapchat!


Madame Tussauds Dumps Trump -- Literally

Now, if only the transition will be this easy come January ...


Spicy Peppers May Help You Live Longer, Preliminary Research Finds

Brb, going to add extra jalapenos to my guac tonight ...


Virtual Furries Flock to VR Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Four Seasons Total Landscaping -- more than just a lawn care center and Presidental press confrence venue.


The Terrible British Tourists That Terrorized New Zealand

Within days, the whole country was watching them, tracking their movements like they were the trash Beatles.


What Will Happen To Trump's Media Defenders?

The media landscape of a post-Trump nation is in question.


President Trump's Lawn Care Press Conference Was An IRL 'It's Always Sunny' Episode

It started out with a golden escalator, how did it end up like this -- 'like this' meaning at a small landscaping company.


5 'Good' Ideas That Are Secretly Propaganda

Find out exactly who's been pushing all those feel-good messages in your face.


55 Of The Most Mysterious Unsolved Crimes

Sometimes crimes are so strange investigators remain unable to crack them, no matter how many years go by.


Kayakers Englufed by Humpback Whale, Live To Tell The Tale

Remember, folks, the ocean can be really scary!


TikTok Astrologer Predicted This Entire Mess A Month Ago

The projections may not know, but maybe the stars will?


Titanic Shipwreck Vacations Are Now A Thing

This trip will take you near, far, or wherever, exactly the famous shipwreck lies, all for the low low price of $125,000


Every Episode of Bob Ross' The Joy Of Painting' is Now Free Online

Because let's face it -- 'Autumn Fantasy' is certifiably better than Autumn reality right about now.


The Internet Roasts Amanda Knox For Uncomfortable Joke

Just what we needed today -- more internet dumpster fires!