15 Movies That Spent a Fortune Just to Bomb Miserably

Epic flops abound.
15 Movies That Spent a Fortune Just to Bomb Miserably

Ah, the movies. The stories they tell, the dreams they inspire, the hearts they break. The movies have always been a source of entertainment, escapism, and education. But sometimes, the movies can be a source of disappointment and frustration, too. For every blockbuster hit, there are those movies that just don’t make the cut.

This list is a tribute to the flops, the failures, the box-office bombs. These are the movies that were made with the best of intentions, but just didn’t quite make it. From The 13th Warrior to The Astronaut’s Wife, from Ali to Beloved, these are the movies that, despite their high budgets and star power, just didn’t hit the mark. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most epic flops in Hollywood history (and we're not counting any "Hollywood accounting shenanigans they use to get out of paying people what they should). Enjoy!

Eddie Murphy's space-faring comedy: A flop of epic proportions.

CRACKED THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH BUDGET: $100M BOX OFFICE: $7M This was a near-unprecedented flop, with even its star Eddie Murphy admitting I know two or three people that liked this movie.


Terry Gilliam’s ‘Munchausen’: Epic Adventure or Epic Disaster?

CRACKED THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN BUDGET: $20M BOX OFFICE: $8M Terry Gilliam's 1989 film was plagued with production problems and delays, casting challenges, location headaches and studio regime change, resulting in an absolute bomb.

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