Does your job involve extreme physical and/or psychological discomfort? Who are we kidding, unless you’re a billionaire whose job is “sit on a boat and consume fine dining,” your job is almost certainly torturous in some way. And we won’t kid ourselves about our audience—you’re probably reading this while hiding in a bathroom before going to get yelled at by either your boss or some jerk with a complaint about their burrito order, even though you made it to their exact specifications.

We should have asked instead, are you paid millions of dollars to suffer at your job? Because these actors totally were at some point! From near-death experiences to mildly irritating coworkers, these actors had to suffer the range of shitty job experience we all do…while getting rich and famous. You sure feel sorry for them now, don’t you? See, being a famous movie star isn’t a cushy job…

If you want to know about some big movies that put their stars through absolute torture, scroll down below!

SHOOTING THE ALIEN C-SECTION GAVE NOOMI RAPACE NIGHTMARES. Prometheus Rapace spent four days crying and screaming inside that coffin-machine thing, trying to make the horrifying scene as real as possible. It messed me up completely, she said afterwards. She got nightmares SO bad that she'd wake up crying at night.

Source: Wired

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