20 Outstanding Facts That Really Beggared Our Belief

20 Outstanding Facts That Really Beggared Our Belief

We all know Texas is filled to the brim with weird characters, but one man took his love of danger a step too far. In 2015, a 28-year-old was killed by an alligator “almost immediately” after being warned not to swim in the water. His last words? “Fuck that alligator.” London has always been known as a city of vice, and from 1757 until 1795 there was no better way to find out where to get your hands dirty than Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies. This annual directory detailed everything from prostitutes' specialties to the size of their breasts. It sold like hotcakes every single year. Last but not least, we have a story about Martha Gellhorn - third wife of Ernest Hemingway and bad ass war correspondent extraordinaire. She was actually the only woman on Omaha beach during D-Day; she stowed away on a hospital ship so she could be among the thousands of men landing that day. 

Nearly 40% of Steam games registered are never played.

37 percent of all registered Steam games have never been played. This equates to 288 million of the 781 million games registered on the platform (as of 2014). Meanwhile, Dota 2 players have accu- mulated 3,828,000,000 hours, which equals 456,000 years. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

PC Mag / Wikipedia

A Chinese-American officer shouted orders in Mandarin to confuse the enemy in Korea.

The first Chinese-American US Marine Corps officer used Mandarin during the Korean War to confuse the enemy. While advancing at the Battle of Inchon, Kurt Lee shouted to the enemy in Mandarin Chinese to SOW confusion and then at- tacked with hand gre- nades and gunfire. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

LA Times / Wikipedia

Bill Nye got his break into the entertainment industry by winning a Steve Martin look-alike contest in 1978.

Bill Nye got his break into the entertainment industry by winning a Steve Martin look-alike contest in 1978. This was after being reject- ed to join NASA's astro- naut training program in the late 1970s four times, where he stumbled into a new career path that launched his career into stardom. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Seattle Met / Wikimedia

Texas residents were sent to jail in 1999 because of the uncorroborated word of one racist cop.

An undercover agent and KKK member sent 47 black residents to jail on his word alone. Many were sentenced to long prison terms; some served years be- fore release. For his wrong reports, the of- ficer got 10-years of probation. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Northwestern / Unsplash

Angelina Jolie frightened the child cast on Maleficent, minus her own kid.

Angelina Jolie scared little kids while in costume on the set of Maleficent. One kid said, Mommy, please get the mean witch to stop talking to me. Her daughter, Vivienne Jo- lie-Pitt, who played young Aurora, was the only child who was not scared of her. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Movie Rob / YouTube

By wearing fake trunks, horses could be disguised as baby elephants during battle.

Rajputs would fashion false trunks for their horses, making them appear to be baby elephants during battle. Appearing as baby ele- phants, the elephants carrying the enemies would instinctively not attack them, giving the Rajputs an advantage of attacking first. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

India Times / Wikipedia

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver was recovered underneath the World Trade Center.

$200 million in gold and silver bullion was buried under the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks. FINE GOLD A20092 BUISSE KILO 6'00 KANGA - Comex, the commodities exchange, kept thousands of gold and silver bars stacked on pallets in a warehouse beneath the city surface. All 29,942,619 ounces were recovered. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Mag / Wikipedia

Sears defrauded the inventor of a ratchet they sold.

Sears tried to scam the inventor of a quick-release ratchet. SEARS Peter Roberts sold his in- vention to Sears for $10,000 who said that it was not worth very much. Sears then went on to make $44 million selling it, so he sued them for fraud and was awarded $1 million. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Time / Wikimedia

A directory of London prostitutes was published annually from 1757 to 1795.

From 1757 to 1795, an anonymous writer published an annual directory of London prostitutes. HARRIS's LIST O F Covent-Garden Ladies: OR MAN OF PLEASURE's KALENDAR, For the YEAR 1772 Called Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies, it sold thousands of copies each year and detailed everything from their specialties to the size of their breasts. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Google books / Wikipedia

A Texas man mocked, and was immediately gobbled up by, an alligator.

A Texas man was killed seconds after mocking an alligator in 2015. The 28-year-old was at- tacked and killed by an alligator almost immedi- ately after being warned by a bystander not to swim in the water, replying fuck that alligator before jumping in. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Gawker / Wikipedia

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