25 Twisted Headlines That Really Flipped The News Cycle

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25 Twisted Headlines That Really Flipped The News Cycle

We all know that competition can bring out the worst in people. We've seen it time and again, whether it's in sports, business, or everyday life. But sometimes, people take things too far. Just ask Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky from the Lake Erie Walleye Trail fishing event who were caught cheating when officials cut into their fresh fishes and pulled out hefty lead weights meant to pump them up on the scale. Or what about Bang? The company was successfully taken to court by Monster Energy for false-advertising after misleading customers with their “Super Creatine” line that did not actually contain any creatine (as if we needed another reason not to trust those guys). As a result, Monster walked away with a $293 million judgment against Bang. And last but not least, there's Pornhub. The popular adult website has been permanently banned from Instagram despite abiding by the site's no-porn policy. 

McDonald’s is releasing new Happy Meals for adults.

McDonald's is cashing in on millennial nostalgia with Happy Meals for adults. M McDonald's M GRACKED COM Unfortunately, this is a collaboration with a streetwear brand called Cactus Plant Flea Market and the toys look more stupid than you think.

CNBC / Unsplash

Chipotle is testing a robot that makes tortilla chips named ‘Chippy’

Chipotle rolls out a new robot chip maker named Chippy. CHIPOTLE GRACKED COM The company is learning from workers and guests before deciding whether it should move ahead with a national rollout - also, whether or not Chippy becomes sentient and begins cooking people.

CNBC / Wikipedia

Cancer charity tried to put donations into building giant Welsh dragon.

A cancer charity tried to use donations to build a giant dragon. DONATION CRACKED.COM Simon Wingett's foundation has been ordered to pay more than £117,000 to local cancer causes for investing £410,000 of the charity's earnings into a 210ft bronze dragon.

BBC / Unsplash

Poopy lettuce at Wendy’s still prime suspect in outbreak that just doubled

Poop lettuce is the prime suspect of an E. coli outbreak at Wendy's stores. CRACKED.COM In a 2018 investigation, investigators concluded that manure runoff from a high-density cattle farm of more than 100,000 COWS tainted canal water that may have been used to irrigate lettuce crops.

ArsTechnica / Unsplash

Lottery draw picks all multiples of nine, 433 winners split jackpot.

433 lottery players won a jackpot because it was comprised of multiples of nine. 32 02 8t GRACKED.COM The $4 million jackpot pulled the numbers 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 54, making 433 very lucky players rich - well, they got $9,000 each.

NextBest / Unsplash

A box of 200 mosquitoes did the vaccinating in this malaria trial.

A malaria vaccine is delivered by a box of biting mosquitoes. CRACKED.COM The insects deliver live malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites that have been genetically modified to not get people sick, and the body makes antibodies so it's prepared to fight the real thing.

NPR / Wikipedia

Michigan man pleads guilty for murdering, eating part of man named Kevin Bacon.

A man killed and ate Kevin Bacon. Grindi GRAGKED.COM Mark David Latunski plead guilty to killing and dismembering Kevin Bacon (not the actor) in 2019. The two met on Grindr, and Bacon was found naked, hanging upside down from the ceiling of Latunski's home.

Action News / Wikimedia

Meet Tariq, South Dakota's new 7-year-old corn-bassador.

The 7-year-old It's corn boy is South Dakota's new corn-bassador. CRACKED.COM Tariq went viral online after an interview on the Recess Therapy YouTube channel, where he gushed about corn as he nibbled the fairground cob in his hand.

NPR / Wikipedia

Danny Boyle to Direct Dance Adaptation of 'The Matrix'.

Danny Boyle is directing a dance adaptation of The Matrix. e CRACKED.COM Described as a large-scale immersive performance, Free Your Mind will debut in Manchester combining the hip-hop choreography of hundreds of dancers with the latest immersive design.

Variety / Wikipedia

Retired officer, 51, finds new career as a stripper cop.

A cop retired at 51 to become a stripper. CRACKED.COM Michelle Walton used her knowledge of police procedure in a raunchy burlesque routine. I just love my body, she says, and love getting my kit off after 30 years of restrictions on what I could and couldn't do.

NY Post / Wikipedia

Motor lodge receptionist awarded $21k after being yelled at for buying a pumpkin.

A receptionist was awarded $21,000 after being yelled at by her employer for buying a pumpkin. CRACKED.COM The motor lodge receptionist was berated in front of staff and guests for the purchase. She was awarded $3481 in lost wages and $18,000 as compensation for other abuse she endured at work.

NZ Herald / Unsplash

‘Barney’ documentary exposes dark side of beloved children’s series.

A documentary aims to expose the dark side of Barney. CRACKED.COM I Love You, You Hate Me will show how the children's program was the target of hate, including the Barney performer getting death threats.

CNN / YouTube

Swiss court finds in favor of Lindt and orders Lidl to destroy its chocolate bunnies.

A Swiss court made Lidl destroy all their chocolate bunnies. CRACKED.COM Switzerland's highest court ruled Lindt & Spruengli's foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies deserve protection from copycat products, including those from the grocery chain.

CNN / Pixabay

Jurassic World Dominion Director Admits The Sequels Shouldn't Exist.

The Jurassic World: Dominion director says the series should have stayed extinct. CRACKED.COM Colin Trevorrow recently admitted that neither it nor the other Jurassic Park sequels should exist, and the series is inherently unfranchisable. Maybe not if the sequels were actually good, Colin.

CBR / Wikipedia

Video of a monkey driving a bus lands driver in hot water.

A bus driver in India is in trouble for a video he made where he let a monkey behind the wheel. CRACKED.COM A Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation spokesperson says the safety of passengers cannot be put at risk by allowing a monkey on the steering wheel.

SBS / Pexels

Mass. Guardsman may face discipline after chasing busload of 'migrants' who turned out to be tourists.

An off-duty MA National Guardsman chased a busload of elderly tourists thinking they were migrants. P CRACKED.COM The guardsman, 51, reportedly believed the bus was part of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's efforts to transport migrants from the southern U.S. border up north.

Boston.com / Unsplash

Kids With Head Lice Shouldn't Be Sent Home From School, New Guidance Says.

New guidelines for schools say, you know what, kids with head lice can come to class. CRACKED.COM The first update on head lice guidance from The American Academy of Pediatrics since 2015 says that screening programs in schools don't work and head lice is not a health hazard.

NBC / Wikipedia

Monster Energy wins $293 mln false-advertising verdict against rival Bang.

Monster Energy successfully took Bang to court for false advertising. БЕЗ САХАРА VR|46 ТАУРИН ИНОВУ ТАУРИК +ЖЕНТ M M M BLACK CRACKED.COM A $293 million judgment was handed out in favor of Monster for Bang misleading customers with their Super Creatine line that did not, in fact, contain any creatine.

Reuters / Wikipedia

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