20 Boundless Facts That Really Stretched Our Horizons

20 Boundless Facts That Really Stretched Our Horizons

Have you ever done something spiteful to get back at an ex? Maybe not on the same level as this man, but we've all been there. Brandon Preveau of Chicago bought a car in his ex-girlfriend's name and then proceeded to rack up over $100,000 worth of parking tickets by abandoning it at O'hare airport. Talk about petty revenge! And on the subject of movies, did you know that the 2006 cult classic Idiocracy almost didn't exist? Apparently, during filming Mike Judge (the writer/director) was so amazed during one scene featuring extras paid to watch closeups of people's butts that he considered scrapping the whole film! We're glad he changed his mind eventually. Last fun fact for today: Did you know that Sony actually lost money on sales of every single Playstation 3 unit… for 4 years?! The console originally launched at a whopping $599 price tag (which is kinda steep, really), and despite strong sales later down the line it took awhile for Sony turn things around. 

China was drilling for and transporting natural gas in 200 BC.

The Han dynasty of China drilled for natural gas in 200 BC. CRACKED.COM The Chinese had drilled deep boreholes to trans- port natural gas from bamboo pipelines to stoves where cast iron evaporation pans boiled brine to extract salt.

History / Wikipedia

Keanu played a serial killer in “The Watcher” because a friend forged his signature.

Keanu Reeves was forced into starring in The Watcher after a friend forged his signature on the contract. CRACKED.COM Unable to conclusively prove the forgery, Reeves says that he fi- nally agreed to take the role rather than face a protracted legal battle.

The Guardian / YouTube

Hops don’t just make beer, they help our bee friends.

Beer Hops naturally produce an acid that can kill off a parasitic mite known to annihilate entire colonies of bees. CRACKED.COM Hops have shown such promise in helping Colony Collapse Disor- der, that the EPA has even approved their use as a biochemical miticide.

Kegerator / Wikipedia

People being frustrated over not being able to open a package have “wrap rage.”

60,000 people a year are treated for injuries sustained while experiencing wrap rage. CRACKED.COM In one survey, 71% say they've been injured while opening packages and in 2004 the US had 6,500 emergency room visits due to these kinds of injuries.

Post Gazette / Pexels

An Iowa man used his life savings to send 33 kids to college.

A man called Dale Schroeder used his life savings to send 33 students to college. CRACKED.COM Не grew up poor in lowa, never married, had no children, and worked as a carpenter at the same company for 67 years and only owned 2 jeans.

CBS / Pexels

Herbert C. Brown’s wife only wanted to spend $2 on him, and he later won the Nobel for it.

A Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner owes his achievement to his wife being cheap. CRACKED.COM Herbert C. Brown's wife bought him the book The Hydrides of Boron and Sili- con as a graduation gift because it was the cheap- est in the book store. In 1979, he won the Nobel for his work with Boron.

RSC / Wikipedia

The paid extras really enjoyed the “Ass Movie” in Idiocracy.

The Ass Movie in 2006's Idiocracy made Mike Judge consider scrapping the whole film. STARPLE ASS CRACKED.COM To film the scenes of the audience watching the movie, a theater was rented and extras were paid to watch buttocks on the screen, which gar- nered genuine laughter.

Fast Company / YouTube

A man abandoned a car in his ex's name so it would accrue parking violations.

A Chicago man abandoned a car he bought his ex-girlfriend so it would accumulate parking tickets. CRACKED.COM Brandon Preveau bought the car in his ex-girlfriend's name and parked it illegal- ly at the O'hare airport. The city asked the ex to pay the 678 tickets, worth over $100,000.

DNA Info / Wikimedia

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