Hockey and Doughnuts: The Extremely Canadian Life of Tim Horton

Tim Horton is as Canadian as Kids in the Hall and silly police uniforms.
Hockey and Doughnuts: The Extremely Canadian Life of Tim Horton

We can enjoy this list of interesting facts because we are entertained by our brains and their capacity to process and generate the endless stream of information we encounter. Some of these facts will seem unusual, silly, or funny, but all of them are true. We have not included any of those things that might make us seem more intelligent than we really are. We are sure you will enjoy these. Our brains are so good at processing information that we can tell you almost any fact about something and most people will believe it is true. This ability of our brains to generate information is called confabulation. Our brains do this when we want to help us remember facts, even if the facts are not actually true. For example, many people have seen a sign saying “the average American drinks 164 gallons of coffee a year” or “the average person sleeps for 1 hour every 8 hours.”

He Turned Canada Into the Leading Global Doughnut Consumer

Не Turned Canada Into the Leading Global Doughnut Consumer Tim Ho TimHortons Tim FROM TWA CRACKED.COM Largely thanks to Tim Hor- tons, Canadians eat more doughnuts per capita than any other country in the world. Не might have died young, but he's apparently taking everyone else down with him.

CBS News

Today, Some Don’t Know He Was a Person

Today, Some Don't Know Не Was a Person Tim Bell Arte Camera Heiten Nikon Nikon PROFESSIONAL Nikon NOW STUDI Ekon CRACKED COM Every few years, some uncultured Americans and even Canadians get duly shamed for admitting on Twitter, of all places, that they didn't know Tim Horton was a guy and not just, like, some dough- nut-ejecting abomination. In 2014, some fans got so fed up that they started a petition to get Horton's pictures back in restaurants.


Tim Hortons is No Longer Tim Horton’s, Grammatically Speaking

Tim Hortons is No Longer Tim Horton's, Grammatically Speaking Tim Hortons CRACKED.COM A little drunk driving isn't enough to wrest a guy's restaurant out of his hands in Canada, but the tension between En- glish and French speakers is. In 1977, Quebec (you know, the French part) passed a law that all business signs must be in French, which doesn't use the pos- sessive apostrophe. Rather than running Tim Horton's and a separate Donettes de Horton or something, they just changed the company name to Tim Hortons de- spite the implication of an untold number of hockey-playing ghosts.


The Car He Crashed Was Part of His Contract

The Car Не Crashed Was Part of His Contract CRACKED.COM By 1971, Horton was, by his own admis- sion, a tired old man and wanted to quit playing hockey, but after being of- fered the largest salary ever paid by his team, he decided to keep going to fund his doughnut business. It wasn't a great season, resulting in ankle and shoulder injuries that left Horton with a bot- tle-of-scotch-a-day habit, but he was lured back to the ice by an even bigger salary ... and a sports car. Even if you haven't had the man's life story drilled into

The Atlantic

In a Different World, We’re All Eating at Jim Charades

In a Different World, We're All Eating at Jim Charades CRACKED.COM As luck would have it, Horton met Jim Charade, who owned a dough- nut shop on the same street as Hor- ton's barber. Charade was sure that putting a celebrity name on his struggling doughnut shop was just what it needed to rise to the top of the cutthroat yeasted dessert busi- ness, and it's hard to say he was wrong. They opened the first Tim Hortons on May 17, 1964.


He Was the Epitome of Canadian Nice

Не Was the Epitome of Canadian Nice CRACKED.COM That wasn't the only way Horton was a gentle giant. On the road, he al- ways made sure to say goodnight to his teammate, Dave Keon, to the point of breaking down the hotel door after Keon had locked it one night. Keon might not have appreci- ated it, and certainly, the hotel didn't, but no one was stopping Hor- ton from minding his manners.


The Horton Bear Hug

The Horton Bear Hug CRACKED.COM Despite his impressive physical prowess, or perhaps because of it. Horton wasn't known to throw down like some of hock- ey's more volatile players. His opponents rarely started shit with him because of his reputation as a strongman, but when they did, he wrapped them in what became known as the Horton bear hug, though it wasn't always as nice as it sounds. One ор- ponent recalled, I heard my ribs groan and thought they were all going to crack. It really started to hurt, and then he let go and tossed me on my


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